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5-Day Outlook (may not auto-update graphic below see link )

Manually added May 23rd 2022

Current Water Temp 

Below not current (yet). So there is this thing where you can have certain grpahics auto-update but some of the sites they come from changed their coding.  Everything below is being worked on now. 


SST’s (not current yet)


 LIM SST Anomalies Forecast data provided by the NOAA/ESRL Physical Science Division and CIRES CU, Boulder, Colorado, from their website at 

Updated June 28th 2019

by Just Jenn thanks to the professionals 🙂

NOTE:  I do NOT get paid if you click on the graphics below or links.  I am an affiliate only because I’d recommend these products for free.   I have a bucket of food and love it.  I’ll blog about it another time how it got us through Lidia.

Legacy Food Storage

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Blog: Tips for Staying Prepared on Vacation

and yes, I do use this water filtration system at home. We are able to drink our tap water which has eliminated the need to buy bottled!  Click the image for more information. Same NOTE as above … I do not get paid for clicking on the links or graphics. It’s what I use for MY family. royal berkey water filter

This babbling blog has always been just a thing I do for my family, and yours.  Since I was going to babble on things I do for my family anyways and saw a few weeks ago that I could apply to become an affiliate for a few things I already swear by, I’ve thought long and hard about whether I’d ever put “advertisements” on it.  I decided to go for it because why the heck not? You might not go with my favorites, but it just might lead you to finding something similar that you’d never thought of before. And if that alone helps you if/when you need it? Awesome-sauce.