Super Active Oceans this week

Thankfully, we do not have any storms coming our way here in Baja California Sur. We do kinda expect maybe some rain tomorrow just because – clouds.  Otherwise the 10-day weather forecast is calling for awesomeness.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen so many storms across the globe.  Of course now that I’ve said that I’m second guessing myself but then I’ve been doing that all day.  It’s Monday, after all.






Hopefully soon, I will be able to show you my new hurricane shutters and hope I won’t need them. Like, ever.  Well, my blackout drapery will be very appreciative.

I just love having nothing to say!

Happy Monday everyone!

oh … you prolly want to see the computer models.  My bad.




See?  Nada coming here. YAY!




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