Oh Norma … where are you going?



When you happen upon a group of boat captains and long term residents that spend their life at sea and it is their JOB to know the weather, and try to lighten the mood with asking if we should start taking bets on which hurricane model will get Norma’s path correct and they don’t laugh … that doesn’t mean they are thinking doom!  It means they’ve just never seen anything like this.  Complete and utter chaos amongst the models so by default, they go by, what I go by … the NHC.



Now I had a little fun making the Battle of the GIF’s for hurricane models yesterday (which has suddenly become all the rage with other arm-chair weather peeps – maybe I started a new trend? maybe it was being done and I hadn’t noticed?), but the primary purpose was a strong reminder about stocking up.  I stock up on a few days worth if I think we are just going to get a little rain because I utterly loathe going out on the roads when it rains.  We talking about this before in an old blog post on why locals freak out when it rains.  Back to stocking up … with the threat of a storm?  I fo sho make sure I have what we need.  Which reminds me … everyone that bought out the dog food after Lidia … thank you for leaving some cat food 🙂 I’m stocked up for the kitties too.





Remember, we are watching to see where the CENTER of the Norma ends up …




I’m going to offer the best advice I know how to give.  Comfort food.  Comfort food and treats.  Seriously.  Got kids?  Make sure to bake up their favorite cookies and set them aside, that kind of thing.  Have their healthy snacks prepped and ready to go. But comfort food and treats can often soothe the families nerves.  Other than that?  I think you all, already know what needs to be done.



If power is out for days, your freezer will eventually up on being your fridge. One popular tip though, is to freeze some water in advance and if the power goes out, it will help keep your food cold.  So you might really really really want to get those water bottles in the freezer NOW, as it takes a few days for them to be rock solid ice, which as it defrosts will become drinking water.   Another, is to freeze up some chicken (wrapped very well) or other meats and you can move them as needed to the fridge to keep milk cold etc and as it defrosts … BBQ time!



So now we are looking at a possible Cat 1 hurricane and we are stuck in the middle of the computer models argument. Plus or minus wind and air pressure … we really don’t know what Norma is going to do.  So again, stick with the NHC’ http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/?epac 


Totally borrowing these hashtags

#JeezLouiseImSickOfDoingThisEveryFnWeekend #GoAwayNormaPorFavor and just made this one up #spendmoretimepreppinglesstimeupdatingyourstatus Not judging … just a suggestion because I care <3


At the end of the day, we all do the best we can.  So prepare for the worst, hope for the best and do it calmly.

Update as needed (I am missing graphics … as an example)

xoxo ~ Jenn












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