Current (98f) and Possible 10-Day Weather Forecast

I know, I am mixing several weather sites to do this but as all of you that have followed me for years know I have the tiniest but true issues with the professional sites. For one, each app or website uses or rely’s on a different computer model or will split the difference between a few for forecasting and for literally what is it RIGHT now depending on the weather station your preferred app uses. I can only and always have gone by what I am experiencing in Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S. Mexico, which is the nearest weather station to the marina. My own.

Right now, for those NOT handicapped by only using the Imperial method, it is currently approx 32c which may or may not be accurate by the time I finish this rush job of weather reporting.

For those that prefer the graphics … this is ME right NOW.

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And I know some will be curious as to what July has been like for the marina area so far … but do keep in mind that my station has a margin of error in that it only updates and records every few seconds/minutes and will omit what it might consider an error. My first thing in the morning today HIGHf was actually 96.

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I am sure you are curious as to what the next few days might be like so I took a scene shot and only cropped it enough to ensure AccuWeather got the credit. MY weather station is not listed with them (I don’t think??) but it seems to be more accurate than underground. Again, keep in mind the weather station used for AccuWeather is someone else’s, but really, what is a 5-degree difference?

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So please, stay super hydrated with quality water, or your fav IPA or Corona etc … e aren’t even in the hottest months with humidity yet but dehydration can often mimic the worse food poisoning and you won’t know which is which unless you end up in a hospital (advice for anyone around the world when it’s warm – stay hydrated!!!!)

In the meantime, I hope you are tuned in to Live Cabo Radio!



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Sorry …I do see a few typos and grammatical errors however, it’s kinda silly to fix them considering how many subscribe by email and won’t see my edits. 🙁 Weather reporting on the fly I hope gives me a tiny bit of forgiveness ❤️

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