No we aren’t kidding – Meet Tropical Depression TWENTY-TWO-E

Let’s all face palm at the same time, shall we?

It is still hurricane season so we shouldn’t be surprised and it is an El Nino year, but we are all seriously bummed to see another late season storm as these are super rare.  In fact … so rare that when I have time I’ll upload the archives I’ve been working on.  I think I’ve found 6-7 since the early 90’s that have formed in our region in the month of November.



As you can see, the computer models do not agree which is why the National Hurricane Center has put “us” right in the middle of things but as you recall from previous posts it just means we are in the margin of error and they have no idea where the center of the storm will end up.

It’s still too early to know anything.  Seriously.  That being said, the NHC is predicting the storm to be a very strong category 2 hurricane before it quickly weakens as it approaches the coast and hopefully, passes south of Baja.

As of right now, we are expecting 2 inches of rain Friday with winds up to 25 mph.  All of that can change either way by the time I hit “publish”

We’ll post a more detailed analysis most likely tomorrow.




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