Weather, Tournaments & Infused Water

Super excited as after a years worth of research, I’ve finally purchased a weather station for Live Cabo Radio!  Soon … we will be linked to wunderground.  Our station will be transmitting close the IGY Marina in Cabo San Lucas, so of course if you live up near Todos Santos, in Central, the East Cape or La Paz, it won’t apply to your micro-climate but we are still very excited.

Today’s weather down by the marina in #Cabo: Lots of sunshine. High 88F. Winds SE at 15 to 25 mph, and for tonight Clear skies. Low 73F. Winds NNW at 10 to 15 mph.

Links below will take you to areas that may be closer to where you live.

Todos Santos Forecast: Todos Santos

Buena Vista Forecast: Buena Vista

La Paz Forecast: La Paz

Before we get into that area of interest … Cabo has a tournament this weekend! It is the 3rd Annual Pelagic Triple Crown of Fishing – CABO Summer Slam! REGISTER NOW! Today is the deadline to submit your entry for this weekend’s Cabo Summer Slam presented by PELAGIC! For more info – Cabo Summer Slam Info Page and yes, as time permits I’ll be updating as much as possible.

#PELAGICWORLDWIDE #CaboSummerSlam #PelagicTripleCrown


Short Promo Video by Pelagic: Facebook Promo Video for Tourney

Now on to Invest 91e … the pro’s say it should become “something” in a few days but I suspect … sooner. All computer models show this system to keep its course and continue to head further out to sea far far away from land.



500 AM PDT WED JUN 1 2016

For the eastern North Pacific...east of 140 degrees west longitude:

1. Showers and thunderstorms associated with a broad area of low
pressure located about 1000 miles south of the southern tip of the
Baja California peninsula have become more concentrated during the
past 24 hours.  Environmental conditions are expected to be
conducive for additional development of this system during the next
several days, and a tropical depression is likely to form later this
week as the disturbance moves west-northwestward at about 15 mph.
* Formation chance through 48 hours...medium...50 percent
* Formation chance through 5 days...high...90 percent
Forecaster Berg


Link to 5 day Forecast


I don’t know about you, but I am not a fan of water. Lately, I have been making the healthier switch from sugary drinks and making infused water and since we drink so much of it, I make a huge pitcher with a pour spout at a time. I fill the pitcher with ice, add cucumbers, sliced lemons and lime, and fresh mint and/or basil (depending on what was delivered from Baja Farm Fresh)  in the evening and by the time I get up in the morning, I remove the lemon, cucumber and herbs .. pour the water to my families to-go water mason jars, transfer what is left to a smaller pitcher and put it in the fridge. Oh look – kitty cat photo bomb! (She totally knows better than to get on the counters but is always trying to sneak peaks out of her favorite window)


Happy Hump Day everyone! Stay hydrated ~ Jenn

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