Tropical Depression Thirteen-E


TD 13-e should be of no concern. Should isn’t a trick word it really is supposed to stay out at sea.  This depression should soon become the East Pacific’s 5th hurricane for the 2016 season named Lester. Unless we are counting Pali.




All of the computer models agree

13e comp


Then there is Invest 98e that is heading out towards Hawaii who might also want to monitor Tropical Depression to be Hurricane Lester.

98e new

I do not recall seeing a storm season that changes to rapidly from one moment to the next as far as short term forecasts go.

Today my mind isn’t on the weather, but world events.  Earthquakes in Italy and Myanmar. Of course there are quakes all the time but these are quite bad.  It doesn’t help ease the mind when I read about the swarms up by Santa Rosalia – Tres Vírgenes volcano is a complex of 3 strato-volcanoes, El Viejo, El Azufre, and La Virgen. I don’t think there has been any eruptions there in forever (1746 and 1857 are possible years of activity) but since there isn’t a ton of info … so no one knows for certain

Also reading on the internet many governments are urging people to prep for something … anything … makes one a little uneasy, you know?  This isn’t a political or dooms-day blog, so I guess I will leave it at that.  But seriously, without being paranoid, internet search governments asking their people to stock up on stuff and just do it because you never know; earthquake, weather, financial hardship … so many reasons to take care of what-if’s today in case of tomorrow. Which reminds me, I am almost out of coffee.


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  1. If you do some research, you’ll find that an active underwater volcano is located on a straight line from the three volcanoes on the Baja, and located centrally on the floor of the Sea of Cortez…
    Probably close if not on the San Andres fault line….FYI
    Sorry to disturb your volcano somulence…..

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