Saturday – 5 o’clock somewhere update

Having one of those days. How about you?

I’ve always maintained having issues with the above wind scale because it was formulated for homes built along the East Coast of the Untited States where most homes are built from wood frames. Regardless, if you are going to pay attention to long term forecast models and watch for air pressure, please note that sometimes air pressure doesn’t match the wind speed on the scales.  I’m not wanting to compare but since people have been referencing Odile, Odile’s air pressure was 941 mb with cat 3 winds when it hit. So … I’m just sitting here wondering why we (lots of people) are comparing the storm with  no name and no clear path to Odile? The answer is PTSD. I don’t k ow why I brought this up. 

A lot of people are on edge right now, self included.  For me, it’s not getting a storm as much as it is – the unknown. Also, the PM’s. I’m happy to talk to anyone about the weather but just today I had a complete breakdown.  I snapped. I will forever feel bad about said snapping. Totally out of character for me to do what I did. It’s the stress of the unknown mixed with PTSD. No excuse. None. 

I lived very frugally for some time to put hurricane rated glass on every window on my house.  We didn’t get the standard 3x but went with something no one here has, 5x laminated glass. I’m sure there is a more detailed description of it but my windows are awesome and so are the new frames. So I’m not super worried about me. I do worry about those that live in the outskirts of town that live in poorly constructed homes. 

I worry about rain.  I have flooding issues still not fixed. It’s a common issue in homes here. The biggest issue for me, is work. I own commercial space inside of a “resort” that has a track record for not maintaining the infrastructure and yeah, we gets leaks. Sometimes devasting ones from faulty plumbing and sometimes just from the rain but still, never in like, the bathroom. Where it doesn’t matter. Nope. It’s like they hope everything I own gets destroyed. 

Today I was asked my opinion about this storm that isn’t named yet at a small market by the owner, and before I could open my mouth someone behind me answered – it’s nothing. Lady, she wasn’t asking you. Though I hope you are right. 

The thing is, it’s just too soon to be a doom tard and tell everyone to bring in the tomato plants.  It’s also too soon to tell people, no worries, no bad days. I can’t answer PM’s telling you it’ll be okay, or links to REM’s song and sing it’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fiiiiiiiine. Plus I’m still working on my one and only glass of wine. 😃 (edited to add it’s now glass two) 

Okay so this system … what do we know right this minute? Not a damned thing. 

Well, there is this. Anywhere in the next 5 days a tropical depression or greater has a really good chance of forming anywhere inside the red area in the image below. 

See there? We got a mention, so we should officially pay attention but not panic. Besides … everyone pre-shopped for winds and rain and staying in, right? And if you are here or coming here on vacation during the beginning of next week, I cannot help you decide to stay or go or not come because – so far all we know is that is may or may not rain. So … I will just have zero filter and suggest planning an indoor day especially if you are here with your spouse. You’ve got a room, no kids, no animals, no work, no friends and family calling every five minutes … take advantage of some spousal time 😉😉😉😉😉 

Totally just edited is to change out the images 

And then there are the above computer models … it looks like, we might be getting some rain. Other than that, at this times, no one knows anything. For reals. Those computer models change several times per day! As does the amount of rain. Earlier it said Cabo would get over 2 inches Tuesday and now it’s an inch? I bet by the time I hit “post” it will change again. 

By the time anyone actually reads this, the image will be outdated but the image blow just shows a bunch of … Scattered clouds. So pay attention to the only reputable source, the National Hurricane Center.

So … Tonight is sloppy joe night. What are you making for dinner? 

Update a real update when there is actually something to talk about 😊 


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