New Invest & the 10-Day

Afternoon update: Invest 90e is still in the exact same coordinates as this morning. Hasn’t budged.  It’s rather messy and totally disorganized and won’t be in our proximity if at all until the 6th-ish (subject to change)


The European model that Jorge at MetMex is especially fond of shows this system coming into proximity to Baja Sur but all of the other models disagree.

With so many areas globally being effected by weather, my hurricane party blog post (slightly written in poor taste) may come in handy as a reminder that we should have emergency plans in place with friends and neighbors:

food storage for emergencies:

and first aid kits:

After a lengthy conversation about everything under the sun and moon last night, another important topic came up which someone was telling the tale of his/her experience the night of Odile going around to all the windows and alternating which ones to open to so the house didn’t implode/explode from the pressure.  Another person was happy to say he/she didn’t even have to tape the windows.  In the end, I go with what the National Hurricane Center says – do not do those things.  I wrote about it here:  because really, why would you want to risk letting strong winds rip a window off?  Once it gets inside … that is when the problems start if you believe the experts.

Not that you asked, but dinner was wonderful.  Saw someone I knew at another table but we didn’t make eye contact so I didn’t get to say hello.  I kinda feel its rude to approach a table unless waved over and I didn’t want to intrude so C, if you are reading this, Hi!!!! You looked wonderful!

End of update, as there is nothing to update for Los Cabos at this time but let us all keep areas being effected by storms.  #Hawaii is dealing with Lester after Madeline passed and #Florida has Hermine. There of course are more systems out there but these are closest.  OH! Poor New Zealand had an earthquake today. 7.+     ~Jenn 5:30pm



I stopped using the 10-Day forecast because it’s always wrong with regards to rain but since there is an Invest and it looks like it could come up in our direction, I thought we could watch the rain rate change

I still cannot get over how many active systems there are globally right now!

I was at dinner last night with … people – thankfully, but I did look forward to coming home to my cats, and while trying to be part of any of the topics of conversation I asked which hurricane models they thought were the most accurate (the people, not my cats).  The response was, “it’s too early to tell”. That wasn’t what I asked, though it was what I would say to you if you asked what I thought of this new area of interest. The subject was switched to Baja 1,000 so I pretended to know nothing of that topic and just enjoyed the yummy food and wine.

So let’s take a peek at Invest 90e

As you can see, the computer models are all over the place.  What we do know, is that this system is stalled. It’s just sitting there. Maybe it’ll stay there, or maybe … it will grow. With so many storms around the world there is a power struggle with the winds so I can’t help wonder just how many times the forecast will change.
I require coffee … and lots of study time.

Hope everyone has a fab Thursday and Happy September 1st!

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