Tape Windows & Open a Window MYTH’s etc.

Though at present time there are tropical disturbances out at sea, we have no immediate threat to land.  We may not for the rest of the year … however, after we lived through Odile it amazes me how many people are complacent with the idea that we will not get hit with a hurricane directly or “just side swipe” if not this year than in the next or even 10-20 or even 30 years from now (don’t kid yourself, a side swipe can still cause a lot of damage of not by winds then by rain.  Juliette 2001 anyone?)

For years, people have said that all you have to do is tape up your windows to protect them and crack open a window so that the pressure of a hurricane does not make your house implode.


I can testify what happens during a hurricane if you tape up your windows and something slams into one – it will break, and you will have created flying guillotines. I watched my taped up window break apart and the tape held the window together and it twirled around and flew through the air!! So just – don’t do it.

What does NOAA say? “It is a waste of effort, time, and tape. It offers little strength to the glass and NO protection against flying debris. After the storm passes you will spend many a hot summer afternoon trying to scrape the old, baked-on tape off your windows (assuming they weren’t shattered). Once a Hurricane Warning has been issued you would be better off spending your time putting up shutters over doors and windows. ” SOURCE CLICK HERE

Open a door or window – bad idea. “All of the doors and windows should be closed (and shuttered) throughout the duration of the hurricane. The pressure differences between inside your house and outside in the storm do not build up enough to cause any damaging explosions. (No house is built airtight.)

The winds in a hurricane are highly turbulent and an open window or door – even if in the lee side of the house – can be an open target to flying debris. All exterior windows should be boarded up with either wooden or metal shutters. ”    Source CLICK HERE

The show Myth Busters agrees – Keep your doors and Windows SHUT Read About It HERE

And while it isn’t the full episode that I watched, this is a clip and they don’t show it in this quick video but the end result was keep your windows and doors closed:


There are several interesting FAQS at NOAA Click HERE for more Fequently Asked Questions

If there is no immediate threat to land, why am I babbling? Because I care.

Hopefully today, we will have received a satisfactory quote on hurricane shutters. We’ve got excellent glass – best in Cabo perhaps, but we will sleep better knowing that investment is protected with the added security of shutters. Not only that, but with the sweltering heat having insulated shutters up during the summer will aid in keeping our house cool. In addition to that, we have blackout drapery which sadly, the strong morning sun is already fading but make a huge difference in keeping the heat out.

FACT: Our old drapes were shut during Odile and when we lost windows they sacrificed themselves (hung on to the curtain rods for dear life, poor things) and helped keep debris out as our furniture flew out the front door; Odile’s winds pushed our (then) brand new front door right off of its hinges!

There are other things my family has been doing to prepare for the season just in case, that will benefit us every day. We have replaced all of the light bulbs in our home to LED 8.5 watts vs the (GASP) up to 100 watt bulbs we had. Yes, it did cost money initially but by the next billing cycle I know we will see a decrease in our electric bill (if we do not turn on the mini split in our room at night). People with generators, replace your light bulbs, seriously. TRUST ME.  Your generator will thank you should you have to power up your house if you have lower watt bulbs.

I am personally not qualified to talk about generators.  That is my husbands job. However, if you decide on a gas generator vs a tri-fuel PLEASE, after you power everything down, turn the damned thing off before adding more gasoline. I know someone that missed the part in the operational manual about that important tid-bit and caught himself and his home on fire.

I could go on and on but I think that it enough babbling for one day.

Will re-share in the future and update (edit) as needed.


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