Recipe For a Hurricane (411 not 911)

No, not the drink … though I did post a recipe for that here:

And yep. Totally got that title from NASA. Since we aren’t in school, and it’s not an exam, I don’t think I will get kicked out for using the internet to research and explain stuff as I learn especially when I fess up in advance.  I stumbled across it when I was looking through my old blog posts to see what the sea temps were a year ago, vs what they are right now and realized I never knew what the exact temperature is required to make a hurricane.  After spending the weekend baking and making jam (it’s consistency ended up a little more like a dessert topping but it’s strawberry and delicious and that’s all that matters IMO – pic at the bottom).

So … how do we make hurricanes? What are the ingredients? Well, first we need to raise the ocean to a nice and warm 82 degrees fahrenheit or warmer (27.78 Celsius).  That, I am sure we all kinda guessed at but when baking, canning or candy making, temperature matters.

Let’s look to see first, what the water temps were 360’ish days ago (low 70’s))

may 6 2016 sea temps

And roughly what we are feeling now (mid to high 60’s but I’m not gonna go swimming to find out)

apr 30 2017 sea temp


So regardless of anything, we do not currently have the first ingredient for a tropical storm or hurricane to form.  Which is good as none of us are actually hungry for one anyways.  But what else do we need?

We need to stir together warm water and warm air.  How warm? Warm enough to create thunderstorms, that swirl around and around until soft peaks form (okay I’m obviously thinking of making angel food cake now).  The warm air needs to circulate in one area, like when you are mixing a batter, you keep all of the ingredients inside the bowl (stationary) and not letting a strong fan (wind) blow the flour (thunderstorms) all over the kitchen … and then you put it in the oven, like a convection oven, and let it bake.




Okay so it’s a lot more complicated than that.   We don’t even have the first ingredient,  at least not today, even though windyty does show in about 10 days there may or may not be some convection our oven is essentially empty.  Besides, if you zoom in and look closely, the winds would be in our favor anyways as someone still hasn’t closed the oven door yet and there is a fan blowing cool air at us from upstairs.

As always, the weather can change in 5 minutes, and people get paid to get this stuff wrong with fancy degrees hanging on their walls … I do this just to amuse us all.

The official beginning of hurricane season for the East Pacific begins May 15th.

Have a great day and let’s go enjoy some sunshine and great music! ~Jenn

See … above not a totally original idea … though I had wondered about the ingredients and was researching them … and had started to blog about it, then found this page, – but didn’t feel like a re-write, even if it was super similar, credit goes to NASA since it turns out they’d already written about a recipe and I wasn’t as genius at I thought.  No plagiarism intentional or not, “here”.



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