Low Pressure System Far Far FAR away …

Down by El Salvador y Guatemala there is a convection forming and the water is warm enough to form at minimum a tropical depression, or not as it’s just too early to know for sure.  What we can be certain of though, is that the winds are in our favor, our water is too cold … it’s at this time a, “nothing to see here … move along folks”.  So here in BCS, ’tis all good.  Sun in shining, it’s warm … why aren’t you at the beach? (Large swell warning at the bottom)

However, us weather nerds who really do not want to see another hurricane anywhere near us for the rest of our lives, still can’t help but to tracks every cloud in the sky, and look every five minutes for an official forecast for the hurricane season in our region which begins in 10 days.





Someone wisely reminded me, to remind you all, that we are experiencing 1-2 meter swells and to be very very very careful along the beaches.  Don’t know about you but I’m not a fan of up to 6 foot waves coming out of nowhere and dragging me out to sea …


It’s Friday and it’s time to wrap things up at the day job.  If you are missing Cabo, visit our website and let us bring Cabo to you via a very eclectic mix of music.  We have apps for iOS, Android and Blackerry to you can take us with you.

~ Jenn


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A -Ginja.


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