Could Adrian Break Alma’s Record?

If the low pressure system mentioned the other day develops before May 12th, the answer is yes. Alma, in 1990 currently holds the record for the earliest storm to form in the very large East Pacific Ocean. 

As you all know, the East Pacific Hurricane season officially kicks off on May 15th, and down by El Salvador and Guatemala where the low pressure system is possibly forming, has all if the ingredients and the (convection) oven is working just fine … 

El Niño is developing, while we are still uncertain of when it will be official, or whether it will be weak, average or strong … even without an official East Pacific Hurricane Season forecast yet, we (the East Pacific Ocean) could see an increase in storms this year from last year. Our average is approx 15 names Tropical Storms, and give or take 8 Hurricanes 4 of which, are usually major (category 3 or stronger) 

In the meantime, we are experiencing the effects of a cold front which is keeping our waters cool, and the winds in our favor from storms getting near us this early in the season which is normal. The high winds are a little odd, but then the weather across the world has been funky so we shouldn’t be surprised that we are experiencing out of the norm here as well. 
It’s Sunday and supposed to be a funday … so let’s get to it. 😊 We can worry about weather mañana. You know, just to add to Manic Monday’s stress 😃 


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