Invest 90e

And an Invest was born. An Invest is a low-pressure system which the pro’s are officially “investing” time and resources to monitor.

The water is certainly warm enough and the Invest is stationary … it’s just sitting there, “baking”

While being stirred up which i know, won’t a cake bake, but a tropical storm or a hurricane? Absolutely. But then, it’s stationary and not being stirred … but the image below shows an example of what is probably starting to happen to this area of low pressure, warm water and moist air.

So … will Invest 90e become our (East Pacific Ocean) first named storm of the season, perhaps before the season starts on May 15th? Will it beat Alma’s record and form before May 12th?  It’s a waiting game at this point but it kinda looks like the odds are in what may become Adrian’s favor.

In the meantime …. this is the outlook for the month of May from Wunderground for our location and please note, those record highs being shown, not actual forecast for temps.

This … is what we are expecting.

Now I’m sure there will be more to say about Invest90e before the day is done but since it’s not coming to Cabo … let’s get Monday started, shall we?
Let’s not be gumpy about it … listening to good music helps.

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