It’s not easy being the weather girl

Thankfully, we don’t have to worry about getting smacked with a hurricane any time soon as the winds are still in our favor and the water is too cold.  I don’t know why I bother with Wunderground other than being an affiliate though they do not broadcast my weather station … as their temp forecasts for my immediate area always seem to be waaaay off but, this is the forecast for down by the marina 

Why is it hard being the weather girl?  Because every time I post on FB for Live Cabo Radio, I get several dings and sometimes, reported as spam? How about just unfollow the page.  

Yes, that was a direct invitation to un-LIKE the page. We have clear skies, warm days for tourists, most of the time. It’d be nice if ya’ll just scrolled right past the weather posts instead of hiding the posts because when you do that, it makes it look to Facebook, like it is something others may not want to see, as that’s how FB rolls. End rant/plea. I won’t be going into detail on every storm that pops up 😊 just a little mention for those that want to know. ❤️
So this is going on down south but shouldn’t impact us. 

However, storms churning at sea assist the warm water in heading further north, where we are, for future storms. We aren’t even close to 82f … at this time.

Those that love are already seeing potential storms that may or may not form in the next week, in addition to what the NHC puts out. I’m just here to tell you to expect fabulous weather for the next 10 days, though fabulous is relevant to individual local (micro-climate) areas and personal preference.  I really doubt there will be much to report on anyways. 
xoxo – Jenn 

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