Dora weakens to Tropical Storm

As we all thought would happen. Right?  Okay, raise your hand if you thought Dora would strengthen? (not me) Raise your hand if for a moment you worried Dora might turn to the right (east) and head this way? (not me, but it’s okay if you did – no one trusts forecasts)

You know who I feel bad for?  Whoever is stationed at Socorro Island.  Seriously.  They get nailed several times a year.

dora ts

dora sat


Little write up about Dora on wunderground, but this is what stood out most to me, “According to climatology, the first hurricane of the Eastern Pacific hurricane season typically arrives on June 26, so we are exactly on schedule for that statistic. However, the fourth named storm of the year typically does not arrive until July 14, so we are ahead of the usual pace for named storms.”

Oh, and this, “A strong tropical wave that will be coming off Africa later this week bears watching” and no, it isn’t something any one in Baja would find amusing, unless you’ve got friends touristing in Africa, and you’ve had a song stuck in your head for like, a week.


Anyways, I could write a lengthy summary about Dora but … I’d rather listen to music.  We are after all, living in sunny Cabo San Lucas, and this is, an amateur weather blogger for an internet radio station.


xoxo ~ Jenn

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