Friday Weather Update July 21 2017

Playing with graphics … I’ll have to come back to edit later … add some text … day job is calling. But I wanted to partially show the “big” picture with regards to wind speed probabilities.  Quick example, down below where it shows Tropical Depression 9-E, that little dot shows where the center of the system is, and the obvious, the probability that we here in Los Cabos, will get 5-10 miles per hour winds … today, from this system that is really really far away.

july 21 2017 wind prob

Then the day job interrupted me playing with merging the forecast tracks but that’s cool.  I don’t make a living playing with graphics and we aren’t under any kind of immediate threat so I’ll resume later.storm update july 21 2017

In the meantime … expect a lovely albeit warm day. xoxo ~ Jenn

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