July 21st 10-Day and More

july 21 10 day


Looks like we might be seeing some rain at the end of next week.  Just how much if any at all can and will change so much so, that we really won’t know until it’s all said and done.  As of right now, we are looking at a “chance” of rain.  Your favorite weather app will come in handy though it won’t tell you if it’s raining in Cabo or the hotel zone as one might get rain and the other none at all.  Just a reminder about the whole micro-climate thing plus depending on the direction of where the clouds are coming from, depends if the call for rain is in the mountains or the shore …



july 21 WU tracking


As we can see, neither Greg or what will soon be Hilary near land or coming towards us however, Hilary just may surprise us and be the source of rain towards the end of next week, mostly likely from an outer band it Irwin gets close enough.



Interestingly, there is a 3rd area of interest being watched in between Greg and almost Hilary … but I suppose it is only interesting if you are on a boat, at sea, far far away from land or a weather geek because it is not coming near land either, but should become a depression within the next 48 hours.   I should note – that the NHC’s official statement on almost Hilary is this, “…DEPRESSION WILL LIKELY BECOME A HURRICANE OVER THE WEEKEND… …NO THREAT TO MEXICO AT THIS TIME…”



Hopefully, nothing super exciting happens weather-wise this weekend.   Of course I can’t help myself and will check several times per day but am hopeful there will be no significant changes in the forecast to warrant any further updates on whether we are expecting rain or shine next week.

For official detailed info, please check in with the pro’s http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/?epac


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