Possible Rain Next Week (update aug 26 2017)

It’s been a while since there has been anything to update about but then, it’s a good thing! Unless you in the municipal of Los Cabos and depend on city water which comes from the mountains.

It’s also been a while because … everyone has access to websites and countless weather apps so my babbling is kinda not needed. 😊

The NHC is showing in the 5-day a possibility that a few hundred miles south of us, a low pressure system may form.

It will change about every 5 minutes, but this is the current outlook

Please note that is for Cabo San Lucas, not San Jose or the East Cape or up by Todos Santos.

As of now, if a system forms it isn’t thought to make landfall but it never hurts to double check provisions and do all that is required for those that are heavily effected even by just one inch on rain. See below for a possible scenario regarding rain.

Updates as needed. Have a great weekend!

And please, keep Texas in your thoughts and prayers as they are still being effected by Harvey.

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