Aletta a Cat 4 – Pro’s Didn’t Expect It

Updates down below… Aletta weakened to a Cat 3 …

“This rapid intensification episode was not well-forecast”  Ya think?  It’s … unsettling to say the least. I hope all of the changes and improvements they’ve been making to the computer models will be more accurate for the rest of the season. However, what if Aletta was actually headed towards I don’t know … me?  You?  This kinda freaks me out.

“Aletta ranks as the 6th earliest Category 4 Eastern Pacific hurricane on record, according to the NOAA historical hurricane tracks website:

  1. May 25 – 26, 2014: Amanda (155 mph)
  2. May 28 – 29, 2001: Adolph (145 mph)
  3. June 1, 2015: Andres (145 mph)
  4. June 6, 2015: Blanca (130 mph)
  5. June 6 – 8, 1973: Ava (160 mph)
  6. June 8, 2018: Aletta (140 mph)”

Thankfully, we never get the first storm of the season (knock on wood for future seasons)

At least they are giving us the heads up in Baja for Bud, which we are already closely monitoring. wunderground article HERE to read up on Aletta and to view source of quotation(s)

So I wasn’t going to babble about Aletta anymore since she’s not coming here but clearly she has made the history books.

There was a brief thought that Aletta might intensify even more but they’ve since backed off on that …

I will come back and finish this later …… full edit after 9’ish tonight Cabo time possible depending on almost Bud. I just wanted to start this while I had internet.

Okay so it’s after 9. Aletta has weakened to a Cat 3 and as you can see, her path is still clearly not heading towards land.

So … we are still waiting to see if “Bud”will make an appearance.

Well, there is a 90% chance he’ll be named within 48 hours.

Being that “Bud”doesn’t exist yet … and they were shocked by Aletta becoming a major hurricane at all, let alone how rapidly over “cooler” water than she should have strengthened … there is no guessing what the system will do or where it will go. Everyone likes to look at the Euro models and so do I …but let’s amuse ourselves. (I made a gif of the GFS but it didn’t load correctly so I’m not amused since it took foreeeeever)

This is a screen shot of the European models forecasts position for … a week from now.

Not a fan of the waiting game …

It’s been a long week. Let’s hope next week and weekend is uneventful.

~end 9’ish pm edit/update

The meme is just a place holder for later …



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