1st Hurricane of the Season – Aletta

Edit #2 … she went and became a Cat 3 over night and maybe be a Cat 4 … need more coffee. Check with the NHC for their 9am update. ~end edit 8th of June 7’ish am

Edited after 9:30pm … Aletta is now a cat 2 Hurricane. Biggest concern is the 🌊 surf this weekend. ~end edit 7th of June

Plus some concerns about “Bud” ….

Aletta is kinda self explanatory.  She’s not interested in vacationing in Los Cabos.

NHC Link For Aletta



We’ve already gone over in the previous update that we are expecting VERY large swells to come to shore though.  Up to 3 meters with larger rouge waves so please take extreme caution along the water.

Locals … let us keep on eye on the system behind Aletta that most certainly will be named Bud.


Small NHC Info on what will be BUD

Being so darned early and not even a depression let alone a tropical storm, of course it’s too soon to guess what it will do so the battle of the computer models isn’t surprising.

The EURO has “Bud” going up the Sea of Cortez … and way too close for comfort.



The GFS has at least the center … missing us for sure (at this time)



The days most likely to impact us are also up in the air … that reads about as “off” as the forecast.  Pay close attention even if this is just a practice run, okay?  While we need the rain we don’t need a lot and certainly not the wind.  All sites predict rain from half an inch to up to two inches and at least … up to 20 miles per hours winds – sustained.   This will have all changed by the time I hit the word “publish” and again before nightfall … and every five minutes after that.  Maybe we will get lucky and this system will poof itself out as it says, “siiiiiiiike (psyyyyche)”

We all have access to our preferred websites and apps so check them often but not to the point of insanity LOL

It’s just time to be vigilant so that there are no last minute panic sessions and hopefully, I just wasted a few minutes of my life typing this for nothing (this time).  It NEVER hurts to have your non-perishables stocked up, including your pet food, gas tanks topped off … yard cleaned up … make sure your window protection is ready.

Still not putting up the bat signal.  Not even a Robin signal … just a Jenn signal which means nada as I’m not a professional, but the moment I get the jitters I will totally post about it.  Always refer to the pro’s … NHC  because heck, I’m not even going to proof read or spell check this let alone worry about grammar.



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