Hello Aletta and Maybe Bud?

There are no coastal watches or warnings in effect.

Tropical Storm Aletta Public Advisory


Last night before Aletta had her name, she was forecasted to maybe become a Cat 2 but that has already changed to maybe a Cat 1 … while heading out further and further from land.  At this time, Aletta’s max sustained winds are at 45mph heading west at 6mph.


Having a few technical difficulties … but the 10-Day doesn’t look toooo bad

10-Day Forecast

So yeah … Aletta looks big and scary but she’s not coming to Cabo.   That doesn’t mean our region won’t be effected in other ways.  We are looking to experience larger swells/surf than usual this weekend so please take EXTREME caution along the shore or better yet, come downtown and grab a chair and cop a squat along the marina and enjoy the beautiful view, fantastic food and refreshing adult beverages.

Starting later today or tomorrow, we are expecting a minimum of 2 if not 3 meter sets and don’t be surprised to see them much larger but late Saturday or Sunday.  Just be safe and never turn your back on the water. 🙂


There is a tournament going on this weekend –   https://www.pelagicgear.com/blog/2018-pelagic-triple-crown-fishing-cabo-summer-slam-tournament/

Now, the NEXT system has our attention.  It’s way too far out to get into and is only an area of “interest” officially, but locals, do please have your stuff in order.  The bat signal will go up if I start to get concerned.


Regarding the possible formation of BUD, I won’t link pics to windy or any of the other sites as much can change and right now IMO, that’s just fear mongering “at this time”.  Be prepared for anything of course, but do so calmly is my motto.  More thought should be put into this … but more data is needed.

mex official predictions


  1. I still maintain that the storms that come on land are the ones that get ticked off because of their stupid names.

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