Recipe for a Hurricane – Revised


Mostly just to use newer graphics for water temps and to share for our new followers!

The original blog can be read HERE  (I can see by stats no one is reading the original blog, oh well … just didn’t feel like repeating myself for the 3rd year) Not my bestest work but it might be worth your time to read it.  The only true revision is the kinda current water temp charts below.  The HERE link in blue (first sentence) is where I went into better detail as well as linked to NASA.

1st thing we need is really warm water. I’ll use both C and F because some of us don’t speak Celsius. 😊 You can see from the images below that our water is +/- 74’ish degrees locally but what we need to make and sustain a hurricane is 82f or warmer like you see where the blue X was drawn … to move up towards where we are (green arrow)



So until we see warm water like that deeeeeeep shade, there is nada to worry about. Okay so since I started this the water temps have changed slightly, but it is still toooo cold to sustain a hurricane.

But do please look at the following gif’s to see the wind(s) are still in our favor here in the Baja Peninsula

I’m having issues getting to embed here but it’s totally working on

Guess I need a refresher on html codes. Again.

So while right now we’ve got clear skies for the foreseeable future, even with the euro model look-a-head, keeping water temps in mind and current flow of the winds, we should still be in the all clear with regards to getting a hurricane smacking us.  Never hurts to keep an eye on it as it IS hurricane season and also the most probable time for us to see rain.  All locals know that we generally don’t have to worry about storms until the end of summer but please be vigilant.  Be responsible and be ready. Always be ready.  They are predicting an above average year for storms after all.



That’s it for now.  Have a great day everyone!







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