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Daily writing prompt
Scour the news for an entirely uninteresting story. Consider how it connects to your life. Write about that.

So my blog is actually an official blog hosted through WordPress and they have this thing where they offer “writing prompts” possibly to give a challenge or perhaps to assist with writer’s block. IDK Most of the prompts I can’t really use but today’s was to scour the internet for news of an entirely uninteresting story and consider how it connects to my life. That is a tough one because what is interesting and UN-interesting to me might be totally of interest to you!

Well, as a radio station, that happens to blog about the weather mostly during hurricane season because of how it can impact your vacation (many locals follow me as well) in Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S. Mexico.

Naturally, an article that popped up and as a person who doesn’t swoooooon over celebrities popped up and I went with (I have no business making this comparison) a pretty famous rock band on how they are not the same people you imagine them to be in real life.  Rock band + radio station manager = I totally get that part at least; mostly from a few life experiences. 

So I am going to babble as I am known for while trying to justify picking “Def Leppard frontman Joe Elliott admits band members-only ‘play rock stars on stage’”.  This is so darned audacious of me, I know! OMG. I am not a rock star, I’m Just Jenn but I kinda live in a small town and I’m trying to work with what I know and personal experiences to make this writing prompt work.  This is going to be such a stretch of my imagination mixed with real life.  

Anyways I moved to Cabo San Lucas about 20 years ago full-time.  Back then, the locals actually used to place bets on how long newcomers would last in this town back then and would bet with a scorecard. I kid you not.  To this day I wonder who won the pool and also without knowing us who lost the most. My day job already put me in the spotlight just on that alone plus what the brick and mortar business like ours means for the community.  This is not bragging but having hundreds of accounts over the years, plus walk-in business and people coming through for a season from Florida, Costa Rica, Puerta Vallarta, and up the coast to California; that is a lot of hand-shaking!  

It was then kicked up a notch when I joined Trip Advisor to help people plan their vacations in my spare time with a somewhat controversial screen name.   Back in those days, the travel forums on Trip Advisor were a lot of fun.  Many of the regular posters that made annual trips to come down several times a year became friends and would do regular meet and greets while organizing a different type of experience to their vacation in Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S. Mexico.  They would regularly shop at the stores before their trips here and take advantage of sales for school supplies, shoes, the list really goes on, and pack suitcases to bring these things for the kids here.  They would do the same for the animal shelters.  They do this to this day! 

I’d never once attended any of their gatherings and it became a joke amongst us all that I didn’t really exist. 

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This amazing group of people started a fishing tournament where they collected things to auction off and I decided to sneak in and dragged my husband along with the intention of staying for about an hour and sneak out.  It wasn’t meant to be.  The owner/manager of the restaurant DID know who I was and saw me trying to sneak out and grabbed a hold of me and dragged me up on stage!  He totally outed me.  It was unexpected, and my husband was floored, to say the least when the very packed two-story restaurant literally erupted in applause.  I know, wow.  I didn’t exactly get to sneak out but did finally get to meet a few people that I had always wanted to … though I think many were surprised to learn I wasn’t as old as they thought I was.  

A friend of mine, RIP, used to have a spot for the English language programming on a local FM radio station where real estate agents, a doctor, and others that would give local and international news suddenly came to me and a few other friends asking if we’d be interested in starting an internet radio station when the new FM radio station pulled the plug on the daily afternoon spot for the Spanish language impaired locals. Of course, I said yaaaaas!  There was still a need.  I of course, for those that have followed this blog covered the weather (I also used to do fish reports), my friend did the local gossip and real estate and another covered dive conditions.

One day I googled Live Cabo Radio to see if we’d pop up and I wasn’t just excited to see that we did but found a link to a Facebook group called the Caboholics where the co-founder (another RIP) was telling the then 300+ sized group (many of them from Trip Advisor so they were already “my people”) encouraging them to “tune-in” to get their “Cabo fix”.  Awe!  (No wonder a new internet radio station’s listener numbers increased so much overnight!)

The Caboholics all had so many things in common.  Posts of people having a fantastic time on vacation and bonding as one giant family that loves Cabo San Lucas, and the people that keep the magic alive by giving back to the community.  I really can’t do the group justice in this blog post because it’s getting very wordy. 

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The group now has over 16,000 members with many spin-off groups for vacation rentals, local businesses wanting to self-promote, a 911 weather group (I’m an admin on that one with over 7,000 members) all the keep the primary group for its original intention. 

My day job kept me from most of the fun group outings so I’d pop in on occasion unannounced and again, was met with wow … “I thought you’d be my age” like comments and I wasn’t as “fun” as they hoped I’d be.  I am not a rock star, I’m Just Jenn. Wife, mom, a business owner with some cool hobbies. Anyways … I have a lifetime of memories that somehow ended up posted in that group by others as many of the people that were at first not super impressed with real-life me, have become my besties.  

I’ve backed off a LOT from posting (stopped touring) and being active in the primary group over the last few years, but I’ve made lifelong friends many I now call family.  We’ve celebrated birthdays, weddings, bachelorette parties, losses, and annual fundraising and group activities where even more friendships are made.  By the way, one of those weddings, many of them attended either being in my wedding party, as a guest or happened to be at the venue and it’s kinda awesome and a little overwhelming when to this very day, I still have people approach me I do not know telling me that it was the best wedding they had never been invited to.  

At the end of the day, or even this moment looking back, I said this blog would be a stretch to make fit a story to make the comparison but at the end of the day, I think we can all relate with rock stars.  When we get home, we are just a wife, a husband, a father … often pretty boring.  

I am thinking about doing a comeback tour though. I am also going to call this a writing prompt fail as the only thing I can say to relate to the article I did not link, is that whether I know them or not, someone recognizes me everywhere I go, and I’m Just Jenn. Just Jenn who has had the privilege to have met so many wonderful people ❤️

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Oh … for those that might be interested … Def Leppard is currently co-headlining a tour with Mötley Crüe.  Sadly, not in Cabo San Lucas!

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