More Predictions for 2016 E Pacific Hurricane Season

This is so vastly different from the initial reports put out by Mexico … but AccuWeather has now officially put out their prediction.




To quote the next source in part, “Before we dig into this hurricane season outlook, let me point out a key aspect of it: The number of storms doesn’t particularly matter. Why? Because it only takes one. And that’s ridiculously cliché and you’ve heard it a million times. But when it comes to hurricanes, it couldn’t be more true and it bears repeating over and over again. Like a frustrating Red Sox game, you can have tons of base hits (storms) but leave a lot of runners on base (out to sea). So it goes with some hurricane seasons.” Of course, they are covering the Atlantic but the opening paragraph is certainly worth quoting.

I personally, have yet to find a forecast put out by the National Hurricane Center.  If you’ve found it, please share it with us!

Sharing again, Mexico’s forecast (we of course, are Oceano Pacifico):






Image above from Dr Jeff Masters blog on



Stay “tuned” as we will shortly begin posting suggested items to stock up on if you have not already begun.  In my opinion, the lists are great because one will be prepared for not just natural disasters, but also if one should fall victim to economic hardship.

Regardless of how accurate either forecast is, the author at CBS is spot on – it only takes one.  El Nino, La Nina, Neutral years … no matter.  Always be prepared!

For now, there is nothing note worthy … other than the usually sunny disposition that Los Cabos has to offer!


~ Arm-Chair Forecaster Jenn






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