Newton to Strengthen to Cat 1 

Yep. We all knew this forecast was coming. 

Newton is 320 miles southeast of Cabo San Lucas with Max sustained winds of 60 mph

Computer models agree … 

Sort of. 

Direct link to monitor this system:

All the locals prepared early in the season for anything, right?  But please, don’t fear monger. Let’s keep things real. Storms are unnerving enough without the panic. It’s why we prepare in advance when it’s a beautiful day outside instead of going to the beach. 

I know we will be busy working so we probably won’t take many personal calls … but don’t worry. We’ve got this.

I just hope we don’t get a lot of rain. ☔️  many homes and streets can’t handle heavy rains and as for wind, the further out of town you get, the lesser the construction. So let us keep them in our thoughts today and tomorrow and there is a bright side … as of now, we are scheduled to get this thing during the day.  


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