Tropical Storm Newton heading towards us … 

Reports of seeing lightning out of sea already … For detailed info please visit the National Hurricane Center

And we sooooo cannot trust WU for rain … not 15 minutes ago the following image said we’d expect thunderstorms starting at 8:15. They really need to get their act together

Okay so the below image is mostly current

And the next image is what they think the winds and location will look like in 24 hours

All are totally subject to change.

Wave height chart in meters now

And wave height chart in meters potential, by tomorrow morning

Just … Stay out of the water. And away from the shore. Please.

Rain? Okay … Let’s look at where the moisture is

And this is 24 hours later … what we are looking at for tomorrow

Pre-coffee grumpy me would like to remind the woman that interrupted a conversation at Santa Carmela market, that if she hasn’t prepared for the tropical storm she didn’t think we were going to get, she should. Because if she hadn’t of interrupted what I was about to say, she’d know we were getting weather on one level or another unless the system vanished into thin air. Below is what the European model thinks we will see tomorrow. It’s not the most detailed visual because it’s the free version, but I’m starting to really trust this model.

Watches and Warnings … I kinda prefer visuals so I made some presuming the warnings and watches wouldn’t change much while waiting for the next intermediate forecast.  It’s kinda unsettling to read hurricane warnings for tropical storms, right? They just want us to be ready for anything.

Remember, the difference between a tropical storm and a hurricane is just ONE mile per hour in wind speeds.  The storms are classified by sustained maximum winds, not gusts.

And then I couldn’t find some of the cities on the map. Okay, so I tried. Would someone please check into Cabo San Lazaro so it shows up more readily on a map? 😁

There are more to make but this storm is rather large and I think we can all agree at this point we are all getting wind and rain on some level unless this storm pulls a Javier.

Coffee and charge iPad time. The NHC will have a more detailed report in a few hours. It’s time to prepare for the weather. ~Jenn

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