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Thanks to Claudia for putting this in English on FB!

“Today during the meeting of the State’s Civil Protection Commission derived from the approach of Tropical Storm Bud (TS Bud)to Baja California Sur the following was announced:
-Based on the current trajectory and speed of TS Bud the storm is expected to make landfall with weakened tropical storm force tomorrow night, with forecasted heavy rains through Friday morning.
-Classes are suspended at all schools starting tomorrow, Thursday June 14 in the afternoon shifts – Public schools have afternoon shifts in Mexico – and through Friday. Conditions will be evaluated over the weekend to define whether classes are reinstated on Monday, June 18. This applies to all schools, all shifts.
– The Los Cabos International Airport (SJD) will remain open and as of the time of the meeting the airport had no notifications of flight cancellations. The recommendation is for travelers to check with their airline regarding flight cancellations and delays.
– There is enough fuel in the area to supply all needs for more than two weeks. There is no need for panic fuel purchases.
– There are enough food supplies at all stores in the area to last for close to four weeks. There is no need for panic purchases.
– As the strom approaches there may be power outages, which will be controlled as best as possible by the electric company.
– There are more than 300 federal police elements in Los Cabos ready to manage any situation that may require police presence.
– Los Cabos remains in Yellow Alert which is a preventive state announcing moderate danger. This alert level may change tomorrow as TS Bud approaches the Baja peninsula”

Okay, now that we’ve got that covered … so I’m looking at the digital screen for my personal weather station. The sustained wind fluctuates between 5-9mph but I’m reading online we should see up to 40mph at some point before midnight. My palm tree leaves are ever so gently swaying but for the occasional whopping gust of 12 mph. I can see as the sun sets minimal waves compared to what I’m reading we should be getting off in the distance. They of course, look much bigger on a webcam. 😊

We might see some rain tonight. Nothing major … little more than a half inch but I’ll know for sure if we get any rain at all when I go through the weather station log in the morning, though I’m pretty sure I’ll forget to look but not because of Bud causing havoc but rather I’ll be tired and forget.

Currently, tropical storm Bud is +/- 170 miles away moving at about 6 or 7 mph NNW and the one constant with this forecast is that we have been from the beginning and remain now, in the center of their margin of error forecast track. Buds max sustained winds are 50mph.

We remain under tropical storm warning which means that tropical storm conditions are likely within the next 36 hours. It’s been rather calm so it seems weird that weather will pick up but you know the saying … calm before the storm …

They are still saying up to 5 inches of rain. We could get faaaaaar less, or maybe more. We won’t know until we get it. That’s as accurate as a forecast as one can offer.


We may see winds up to 60mph tomorrow – gusts not sustained ….. that’s not a big deal as long as everyone did their due diligence and cleaned up their yards. Heck, even with the infamous Odile I know my home would have been fine had we not lost that one window compliments of a loose street sign.

Many are enjoying hurricane parties without the hurricane because it’s what people do. We stock up, we buy lots of food and ice and adult beverages and ride whatever is coming our way together. Personally, I’m going to bed 😂 We always figured Bud would impact us minimally due to the cold water so really it’s just a rain thing which, we so desperately need.

Just saying, it wouldn’t be the first time our town has braced ourselves for a storm that literally just vanished, maybe this will be the case? In any event, most are now stocked up for the season. Being prepared is better then being blindsided.

I look forward to seeing pictures and reading stories of how everyone spent their day tomorrow with the presumption Bud is a dud. Please be a dud. Oooo milk duds sound good …with popcorn 🍿

Have a great evening everyone! Time to sleep.



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