Tropical Storm Kiko & 5-Day Outlook

This will not be the most informative blog I’ve ever written. It’ll mostly be pics and memes. Very brief update while I study next week.

Tropical Storm Kiko is NOT, coming here. Nope. However … it’s mid September so we do need to actually start paying attention.

See, not coming here buuuuuuut,

And the sea surface temps … not only are they warm enough to sustain a storm it’s warm enough to make one right off our coast … air temp predicted to be 90’ish all week so really, we just need a low pressure system and winds to not be in our favor.

And the Spaghetti models (nobody cares but I’m actually having spaghetti for dinner tonight)

The above it most true of all spaghetti models globally. It’s why we really only pay attention to about 6 models but most of you follow the GFS and the European model.

There are rumors floating around we will get a Category 4 hurricane next week. Let’s go to eebmike since everyone always says to go there

It’s pretty much all you need to know. He has the current info from the National Hurricane Center all right there on one page so you don’t have to go through a few pages to see the impertinent information. What the site does not tell you, is if today is windy or how warm the air is. It also doesn’t tell you about the potential for the following week. That is where windy comes in so let’s look at windy for saaaaaay, next Thursday

Below you will see the GFS MODEL

Next is the Euro model

Okay just a few hours ago the euro totally had both system shown above merging and staying well off shore. ( Hash tag … seriously 😒 ) in an hour or by mañana, or next Thursday, we could be looking a total opposite scenarios. No storm, storm at sea with sunny skies for us, side swiping us, … don’t knock a side swipe. And yeah, we could get a direct smack if not this storm but another … hopefully not this year but you all know how I feel about ENSO neutral cycles.

Hey check that out … I babbled a little. 😂

As of “now” … does Thursday give you any indication of a direct hit Cat 4?

How about Friday?

Locals, don’t fret just yet. I mean, you did your non-perishable shopping in May when the season began, right? You went through the check lists and completed it all no later than June, right? July? August? So all you fantastic responsible independent people only need to fuel up and grab a few perishables if a storm comes our way this year, right? You learned from Odile. You’ve got good windows and or shutters so don’t panic unless ya have to. Oh, this isn’t sarcasm … I truly believe 75% of the locals that are able will continue to be ready for anything for a few more years even if we don’t see anything in Los Cabos.

Just start paying closer attention 😊 Remember, we have had a deal for a few years now. If I am worried I throw up the Bat Signal.

Pasta is ready … and I’ll do a legit blog in a few days if not over the weekend.

As always, Just Jenn for entertainment purposes only. For real 911’s, see the NHC


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