Tropical Storm Lorena

6PM EDIT:  If we hadn’t have been in the 5 day, I wouldn’t have written the blog update.  The reason? It’s too far out and so many things with this storm can change. The East Pacific is now up to the letter M, as Mario has formed but you have to admit, I’ve been pretty silent this season. There just haven’t been any storms that might have effected us. I might have blogged later in the week regarding chance of rain if the percentage and amount persists. I will only babble another blog post if we this system does not dissipate and we get official watches or, the rain predictions still remain in effect storm or no Tropical Storm. END EDIT. 😊


Of course on a day I am swamped with work, she pops up. So this will be super brief.

Really quick, take a look at the 5-Day Outlook from the National Hurricane Center

two_pac_5d0 (7)

Now let’s quickly jump to Lorena’s current predicted path.  Remember, the center of the storm can go anywhere inside the forecast cone as the National Hurricane Center (the NHC) give a very large margin of error.  This can and will change probably with every update the NHC gives, but this Tropical Storm warrants paying attention to because 1, we ARE in the long term forecast and 2, we ARE expecting rain.


The other systems are not important right now.  We all know the forecast will change several times during each day, and that we will not know how much rain we are going to get, until we’ve already received it, if we get any at all. Such is life in the tropics!  As of now, we have a 42% chance of getting some sprinkles Saturday, and a 96% chance of over an inch Sunday with a, 84% chance of about a 1/2 inch the following Monday.  So if you live in an area that doesn’t do well with even receiving a 1/2 of an inch of rain, start planning accordingly just to err on the safe side.


For those of you living in the USA, it’s National Preparedness Month!  Legacy Food Storage is something that you might want to look into … Many great things on their site, and they are always having a sale, too!  When you click on the link below, go to their “Home Page” to see what they’ve got going on right now.  Locals, I know it’s a bummer we just can’t get these things down here (though some of you probably can through your mail box company – it never hurts to inquire).  If we were not living here and up in the USA, I would totally have this stuff on hand, just in case. I got a bucket once and really liked it.  Water, heat source, pan with a lid, and dinner is ready in 20 minutes. Oh, gluten free buckets are available as well. Almost forgot to mention that.

Legacy Premium 32 Serving Family 72 Hour Emergency Food Survival Kit

With regards to Lorena, please update yourself with either the NHC or EEBMIKE for info at a glance as I am not sure I will be able to post regular updates (I know, and I am sorry) on this one.  If things look like it might get serious, and right now it doesn’t look like it will, the Bat Signal will go up, as I promised years ago.

Have a fantastic week!  Who knows … maybe we will only get a light rain.  True


Just Jenn

NOTE:  This blog is for entertainment purposes only.  Please go to your local weather official pages for information.

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