It’s Official – Hurricane Kay Cat 1

Hurricane Kay is a category 1 (see below towards the end for the wind speed scale) and regardless of where she will end up, is still expected to become a Cat 2 maybe as soon as tomorrow.

520 miles SSE from the tip of Baja Sur with maximum sustained winds of 80mph moving 10mph WNW.

Kay’s hurricane-force winds extend 30 miles from the center, with tropical storm force winds 175 miles from the eye.

We ARE under Tropical Storm Watch which means tropical storm conditions are possible within the next 48 hours.

While Kay is expected to remain well offshore, please keep in mind how … big, she is.

We WILL get winds, we WILL get rain, and we WILL get high surf. We are being told to anticipate 3-6 inches of rain and some areas much much more.

I won’t put out the bat signal unless Kay’s track shifts closer to us. The Bat signal is reserved for “Odile” omg storm tracks.

I do want to remind everyone that the “cone of concern” is a compilation of many computer models and the eye of Kay can end up anywhere inside the solid white area and has a margin of error of 50 miles in either direction so this forecast is not set in stone.

I will be doing most of my updates on Instagram @livecaboradio and Facebook. It’s just easier than spamming your “inbox” but the GIF’s below should continue to be current throughout the next few days. Please note that the GIF’s do not always work on all devices. IDK why.

IR – if it’s not loading on your device this is the link×540.gif

VISIBLE If it is not loading on your device this is the link×540.gif

WATER VAPOR If it is not loading on your device this is the link×540.gif

For all updates, please refer to the National Hurricane Center

If I think I am missing something … I might come back and edit this later.



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