EDIT: I will not keep editing nor writing blog updates all day but WILL do another post if something super OMG changes in the forecast. That being said, our region in Los Cabos is now under Tropical Storm WARNING vs Watch which means Tropical Storm conditions are “expected within 36 hours from now (8-9am’ish) End Edit.

Hurricane Hilary is located about 560 miles SSE of Cabo San Lucas moving roughly 13mph towards the WNW with current wind speeds of 75mph. Our region IS under Tropical Storm Watch which means that tropical storm conditions are possible within the next 48 hours. Hilary while currently classified as a category 1 hurricane is rapidly intensifying and the NHC thinks she could become a major hurricane if not by tonight then tomorrow as it gets closer to the Baja Peninsula.


Hurricane-force winds currently are being recorded 70 miles from the center, while tropical-force winds extend up to 275 miles out. We should begin to experience some wind and rain by tomorrow night. Hilary is not a compact storm.

The National Hurricane Center made it very clear in the discussion area on the website that we should not put much trust in the long-term forecast because the center of Hurricane Hilary could shift at any time within the cone of concern which will change where she ends up with regards to landfall.

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For a complete report on Hilary, please go to the NHC directly

Here in Los Cabos, our immediate concerns this weekend will be how much rain we get, how strong the gusts are and to PLEASE avoid the shoreline this weekend as dangerous swells will impact us. As we all know, some areas regardless of a forecast might see a little rain whereas others could experience inches and or flash flooding.

It’s time for coffee. Wow … it’s been a long time since I’ve gotten up early to do one of these. Can’t say I miss it! LOL Hopefully there will not be a need for too many updates for Cabo San Lucas from me, but this hurricane will affect all of Baja in one way or another. Be safe everyone. Calmly prepare if you are in a high-risk area.


Just Jenn for music and for updates and to see if after coffee I’ve caught any typos etc .

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