What is your favorite recipe? I can’t pick just one!

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What’s your favorite recipe?

While I probably have 20 blog posts in the works (no AHDH here I just want them to be perfected), a prompt came up and I can’t help but laugh at how can anyone pick ONE favorite recipe? I’ve perfected some over the years and hold them close to my heart.

Other than my first Turkey ever, everyone that has ever had a turkey dinner cooked by me, says I made the best turkey they have ever had. Many get disappointed with my choice of sides (sorry not sorry, no marshmallow covered anything will be served in my home and I like marshmallows … just not that veggie)

I have a roast cooking and love meatloaf and all things comfort food, but when I have guests over for dinner, I might surprise them with a Beef Wellington served with Hassleback potatoes (Lisa, if you ever read this … it’s not even close to the same as in size as Las Guacamayas or the way prepped but sooooo yummy), and fresh green beans from the local farmers market in Pedregal (open twice a week and called the The Los Cabos Organic Market at Pedregal https://www.facebook.com/caboorganicmarket/ … the owner mostly posts on her personal page vs the official one 🤷‍♀️ but sautéed with garlic? YUM!

Or just maybe, if you are coming over for dinner, I might surprise you with Rouladen and homemade Kartoffelklöße (German potato dumplings) with steamed fresh from the Pedregal farmers market carrots with a hint of nutmeg. See below.

There is one thing I never promise, but many look forward to if they’ve had it before. MY … Angel Food Cake! I have a love hate relationship with Angel Food cake. It is either perfect, or … meh. If I tell you I am making it, something goes wrong. If I surprise you with it vs many other desserts I can whip up, it’s amaaaaaazing. Yes, the pic below is from my wedding but whilst searching for a pic of my angel food cake I couldn’t pass sharing this because it was … fabulous!

I also cannot find a photograph of my angel food cake that doesn’t have someones face in it who may not want to be part of my blog 🙃 Be sure to ask who ever made my wedding cake I requested, made the bestest tasting wedding cake ever and now offers it. (Thanks Lou, for finding the perfect cake for me). Having a chocolatier make your cake is a definite must!

I am sure many are shocked I am not mentioning recipes that are Mexican food being that I live in Mexico most of the year, but … I cook “TexMex” at home. If I want traditional I’ll go out to eat. Though I do make a fantastic guacamole (not the one I grew up with which I miss dearly but a traditional one) I just can’t share that recipe either as it’s a secret recipe down to the gram given to me by Maria Corona.

In truth … every recipe I make is one of my favorites, until I get in a rutt with what is quick and easy and gets bored. Lasagna Rolls anyone? Homemade marinara and homemade bechamel sauce … Mmmmmm Not today!

I’ve made mashed potatoes a few times this week and while I’ve got a roast beef cooking I need to decide on my starch so I will bid you a goodnight!


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I didn’t rush this all all. Nope. LOL But it’s true … I listed several of my fav’s I actually wished I was making vs my pot roast I also really love.

And there is a bug with links 🤷‍♀️ it’s dinner time. I’ll fix manana 🙃

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