My Experience at Clase Azul La Terraza Los Cabos

A few days ago, I had the pleasure of dining for lunch at Clase Azul La Terraza Los Cabos; It is truly a one-of-a-kind experience best enjoyed with good friends. Clase Azul is a world-renowned Tequila House with a location in the Shoppes at Palmilla here in Los Cabos, Mexico. Not only do they have a boutique where you can purchase their remarkably smooth blends from their original Reposado, to their limited additions like the one I enjoyed like the finest brandy, but they also have a restaurant; a fusion cuisine bar.

I will post a link at the end so that you can see their website which has photographs that I did not do justice. I will, however, share what most of us ordered!

Most of my friends opted for the special Día de Muertos tasting menu. There were two menu options one of which was vegan and for the first time in my life, I can tell you that Ivan Arias, the Creative Chef of Clase Azul Mexico, has changed my mind on vegan cuisine as I prefer meat dishes.

The first course we were served was Mushroom Barbacoa, served on a lovely warmed homemade blue corn tortilla with duxelles, pickled red onion, birote crumbs, and pickled nopal.

The second course was a beautifully presented Black Aquachile also served on their wonderful homemade blue corn tortillas with shiitake, chargrilled kimchi, lemon ponzu, cucumber, and onion.

Before I get into the third course, which was Vegetable Birria, Vegetable terrain, ancho chili birria, black bean puree, and basil salad, I’d like to share a toast to friendship with their exquisitely made artisan signature cocktails, and the next item presented to me that was just heavenly!

I truly did not do the Apple Tamal justice ( not exactly shown below) that was white maize, cider sherbet, apple compote, honey gel, and lavender essence. I borrowed this image from my friend who did not go with the vegan option (hers was made with brie … I’d have liked to try that!)

The final course was an Apple and Cashew Bonbon made with semisweet chocolate, apple cider, cashew praline, and lavender essence.

Of course, this exquisite 5-course meal would not have been complete had it not also included 2 ounces of their limited edition Clase Azul Tequila Dia de Muertos Aromas that inspired the menu. I will return to this in a bit as Clase Azul is a tequila house!

For more information on this particular distinctive blend and the craftsmanship of a collector’s edition bottle, please visit their website. I am not a tequila nor a tequila blend expert but I can tell you it was something that needed to be experienced. It truly paired well with each course.

The regular menu consisted of a 5-course meal that included 1 – Clam Barbacoa (chocolate clam, pickled red onion, birote crumbs, and ladybug shrimp, 2 – Black Aguachile (estuary shrimp, charcoaled kimchi,, lemon ponzu, cucumber, and onion), 3 – Duck Birria (duck terrine, ancho chili birria, black bean puree, basil salad) 4- Apple and Brie Tamal (white maize, brie ice cream, apple compote, honey gel, lavender essence) 5 – Apple and Cashew Bonbon (semisweet chocolate, apple cider, cashew praline, lavender gel).

For more information on the restaurant please visit their website:

Clase Azul is definitely a place I will return to. From the attentive service (Jesus was our server) from the doors being opened for us, to the attention to detail in every aspect, and punctual anticipation of our needs, this restaurant is in a league of their own. I really cannot tell the history of Clase Azul justice.

Live Cabo Radio’s blog site is supported by its audience.  I may receive an affiliate commission when you make purchases through the links on this blog site. I am also an Amazon Associate, and I earn from qualifying purchases.  With regards to Clase Azul, this was independently written without sponsorship from Clase Azul or any discounts given, promised, or expected in the future. Had to put that out there. I just really enjoyed the ambiance, food, and service.

Día de Muertos is a very important day in Mexico aka The Day of the Dead, which is a holiday traditionally celebrated on November 1 and 2 in widely observed in Mexico. Usually, it involves the creation of home altars to remember the dead, and traditional dishes for the Day of the Dead which often will be dishes prepared in remembrance of loved ones being honored. Prayers and remembrance of friends and family members who have died are also very common and while I could have and should have written a blog about it, there are so many available already.


  1. Great commentary and pictures! Very well written. Presentations, creations and pairings have the looks that are typically prepared by a Master Chef and or a Michelin Rated Chef. Have to try this.

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