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There was a moment I will never forget in my life amongst many but since this is kinda related, I will share it with you. A few years ago, we were next in line to pay our property taxes for both of our commercial units as well as our home. As soon as we stepped up to the counter, the person put up an out-to-lunch sign with a smiley face, all of the lights in the building were turned off, and everyone inside was like “huh”? 🤔 They certainly had a sense of humor as they didn’t all go out to lunch; there was a local change in government and as they say, out with the old, in with the new. I hope this next bit runs a lot more smoothly as it’s being reported.

It is being reported that outgoing and incoming administrations will be held accountable, “The transition between the different administrations be carried out under solid bases and clear rules and prevent public servants from committing any fault, either due to ignorance or omission. There is a document, that was published in the Official Gazette of the Government of Baja California Sur, I just haven’t personally found it (yet), So if you live here and ever need to deal with city hall, etc there will be changes implemented “by the City Council of Los Cabos to comply with the development and social well-being of the municipality and with the administrative commitments effectively.” This is fantastic news.

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Los Cabos is preparing for the celebration of Revolution Day! On November 20th, pretty much every student from every school will be in a parade marching up and down the streets and it’s kinda cool to watch! However, if you need to be somewhere, you will want to plan accordingly. It IS an official holiday so expect to find that the banks as well as other government offices will be closed.

Wow. I just realized it’s almost Turkey Day! A lot of my favorite cookware is in storage not realizing 5 years later I’d still be dealing with the house issues 🙄

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Most of the news today which is otherwise of interest to most, is to please be careful driving especially on the highway in fact, some are opting to use the toll road for safety, and others as they say there is less traffic.

I should probably report on the Baja 1000 … though so far those in La Paz are really super excited or really annoyed that the gov offices and schools will be closed so that everyone can enjoy it! In La Paz … working parents are not happy.

Hopefully tomorrow more news will catch my eye that is worth sharing! xoxo for IMHO fab music!

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