AQuiJo – The world’s largest ketch sailing yacht

For as long as I can remember after 20+ years of living full time in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, having specialized in the maritime industry, I pretty much am very familiar with every vessel that passes through that uses motor power. One cannot help when seeing the AQuiJo in person to become awestruck by her majestic size being the largest ketch sailing yacht in the world.

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Photo credit: Zack Morrow, owner of Reel Cast Fishing Charter (Not an affiliate)

AQuiJo’s mast towers over the resort behind her (Breathless) at 295 feet (90 meters)! The vessel is 282 feet in length (86 meters). There is a lot of information on AQuiJo on the internet including several companies that have her listed as available for charter. This is also not an affiliate link but one I randomly picked if you want to peek inside!

I had considered doing a complete write-up on her, but I have fresh dorado waiting for me to cook! I have a few favorite ways to make Dorado that maybe I will one day share. 😀

I just wanted to let everyone know the name of the vessel that has been in Cabo San Lucas for the last week or so. xoxo Awesome music 24/7

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