After Norma Update and the answer about where she made landfall

Information about the aftermath is a little difficult as many are still without power to update so first, let us poke fun at me. Seriously. 😳 The same rules apply to blogging IMO as they do to driving. I’ve said in years past that I am a firm believer in not engaging in hurricane parties when I wrote a tongue-in-cheek blog … but I did in fact blog impaired by extreme fatigue (another driving no-no), as well as Facebook, Instagram, and X. 🤦‍♀️

This is a post on hurricane parties I wrote in 2016

As mentioned in my last blog post, I told you that people in the Pescadero / Todos Santos area were reporting eye-like conditions 44 or so miles away at one point, I thought I was in the eye of Norma or at least the edge of her. My max verifiable gust was 82.5 mph before it got truly intense. We went from winds so strong my weather station was unable to record them to a whisper of a breeze and the sun attempting to say hello through a haze of very light cloud cover (see below taken Oct 21st at 11:30’ish am)

There really was only one way for me to verify if I was craaaaazy 😜 and that was for me to check to see what the air pressure was for as many madis-data sites reporting in. I don’t want to bore you but the one up north had an air pressure of a tropical storm (985.40) and for me, from 13:03-13:44, I was at 969.70 which is weak cat 2 air pressure.

Norma “officially” made landfall 15 miles from me (the very center of her eye), but the eye was large so 🙄 at myself (extreme fatigue) of course I wasn’t getting hurricane-force winds!

As I am sure most are aware by now, about half of the population lost power and cell service was down, so if you were unable to make your own power, you could not communicate. I think almost everyone had some flooding from sideways rain coming in under their doors, through the track on their windows etc, but me, my once perfect roof and deck leak like dang sieve when it rains. Just my master bedroom alone had 17 buckets and storage containers to collect the water falling from the ceiling, not including what the rest of the house required so the drop drip drip and the winds are why I went a few days without sleep.

I think I can speak for the entire community in a very heartfelt thank you to Chief Juan Antonio Carbajal Figueroa and all of the volunteer firefighters for everything they did to help with immediate cleanup from removing signs blocking roads to other large debris in other areas including some fallen trees. Here is a link to his Facebook page so you can see some of what they did for us all!

There are SOME posts in a Facebook Group where people have reported in with pictures and videos of areas as far away as Santiago and others have asked questions locals and tourists alike had. I am grateful for the admins who have been able to help as I know we all are busy, and understand not all were able to. ❤️

I know this is getting lengthy, and have more to report but for now, it looks like most areas have had power restored, and the cleanup has been well underway. From the roads to the beaches, most businesses are open! There is one thing about the residents of Cabo San Lucas. They are truly amazing in coming together after every storm no matter how big or small to get our little fishing village back to normal. In the following days, I hope to have more information. xoxo, Just Jenn

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