Questioning Where Cat 1 Norma Really Is

Thank goodness for shutters over the windows! The neighbors are saying they aren’t seeing any damage and maybe it’s so minor they haven’t noticed but we’ve got projectiles hitting us. I’ll investigate when the winds die down some.

So anyways, friends AND satellite images say Norma has made landfall up near Todos Santos/Pescadero area, but the NHC just updated that Hurricane Norma is about 25 miles W of Cabo San Lucas as a mild Cat 2 with max sustained winds of 85 miles per hour heading N at 8mph.

NHC, “This general motion should continue through this evening, followed by a turn toward the northeast and east-northeast with a reduction in forward speed tonight through Monday. On the forecast track, the center of Norma is expected to move over the southern portion of Baja California Sur within the hurricane warning area today.”

Obviously the above is NHC … below shows something else.

Okay then. 🤷‍♀️ Another person confirmed earlier it was super calm with light wind … then a few minutes later she updated she was getting light rain and the winds were picking up.

People that have lived here 20 years know an eye so I’m not sure how to end this. Yeah “sure calm before the storm” and all of that but still.

Check in later. Hope everyone is staying safe. xoxo Just Jenn

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