Hurricane Norma, 5am Update

Hurricane Norma is freaky. Seriously. If you watch the sat loops you’d say the same.




Hurricane winds should be felt right about NOW’ish.

Norma is expected to make landfall somewhere in the red line area … I know people are saying Cabo San Lucas but it could be anywhere from here to Todos Santos IMO

If Norma maintains forward speed someone will be in the eye in less than 4 hours.

The highest gust that I have recorded that isn’t considered a fluke was 82.5 mph but it sure seems like it’s been much higher. My weather station can’t handle these winds, we are getting MUCH higher than 82 at my place. Time to upgrade. Maybe I should start a go-fund-me (J/K)

6:45am edit … My weather station took a hit. It’s too windy to go up and see if I can adjust it. It’s spinning as it should, but it’s reporting zero winds. 😭 end sad edit. An update on what we know locally before getting into the forecast. Many but not all people have lost power. I am one of them so my personal weather station is missing about 3 hours of data however, I am now on a generator so the biggest issue in accuracy is the sideways rain. Besides my own PWS, only 3 other stations are reporting to the National Weather Service in Los Cabos.

Hurricane Norma is a category 2‘ish hurricane with maximum wind speeds of 110 miles per hour (add 1 mph she’s a 3), 40 miles SSW of Cabo San Lucas moving N at 9 mph. Norma’s Hurricane-Force winds are 35 miles from the center, and Tropical-Storm-Force winds are extended to about 160 miles from her eye.

Hurricane Norma is “supposed” to start heading North East soon, and IS expected to make landfall somewhere in the cone of concern, in the areas under Hurricane Warning (red line areas in the image above). Norma is also supposed to weaken but by how much they aren’t really saying, the NHC is confident Norma will still be a hurricane. I will say IMHO to brace yourself for a Cat 2 and hope she isn’t one when she gets here.

As for me, below is a screenshot of what my PWS is reporting however, the winds are WRONG. Yes, we’ve been getting 80+mph gusts but we haven’t seen 19mph winds in hours. We are getting 30+ sustained with 50+ gusts on average as of this exact moment. Obviously the rain amounts are wrong. This is MY experience. Others have more, some have less.

Like everyone else in our region, I am exhausted and am going to attempt to sleep, knowing the winds are really about to pick up.

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