Hurricane Norma Category 3, 5pm Update

Just a quick note to my wonderful email subscribers. I do not like spamming your inbox, and you might miss out when I edit a blog for a minor update, or to correct typos. #sorry It is one of the reasons I am also giving updates on the weather on Facebook, Instagram and X. I’ll add links at the end.

Hurricane Norma is a category 3 with maximum wind speeds of 120 miles per hour, 170 miles South of Cabo San Lucas moving NNW at 8 mph. Norma’s Hurricane-Force winds are 35 miles from the center, and Tropical-Storm-Force winds are extended to about 160 miles from her eye.

There are no other significant changes to the advisories than I’ve already shared, however, the exact path Norma chooses to take and arrival time if she makes landfall, and where if at all, are still unknown as per usual. We will all find out for sure together. That being said, the most prominent models all agree at least at this moment, that Norma WILL most likely but not 100% positive, make landfall. I know 😞

We are already getting a little rain and some mild winds, but that will change in a few short hours as Norma approaches. The color coding for potential winds from 4 computer models is hard to read, however, they are all in agreeance kinda, with how much wind and gusts we might expect.

I’m more than a little concerned … most of you know about the severe vibrational damage my home received from a neighbor’s excavation and my home is already leaking terribly and I’ve only recorded 0.17 inches of rain when the forecast is like … hey girl, you are going to get 4-5 inches more between now and midnight. 😭 Then take ME and my family out of the whole thing and think about those who do not have proper homes or live in dry river beds (arroyos). I hope they have relocated to a shelter. I will pray for them.

There will be a complete advisory from the NHC at 8pm Cabo time, but I’m not sure if I will be able to update. I hope it will be because I am sleeping. 😴

That’s okay though. Jim is upstaging both myself and Jorge from Metmex 😛 Yeppers, The Weather Channel is here. Josh from iCyclone last I looked said he wasn’t coming down. (I didn’t write the caption for the pic of Jim) EDIT Jim isn’t really here. Not so funny joke even I fell for when I knew better. The Weather Channel Skypes or other locals for updates …

I  will probably do more updates during the storm either in comments on Facebook wherever this is shared, but mostly so as not to spam my email subscribers on as well as as it’s easiest, possibly on X @livinlavidacabo and just might do some “I interrupt this broadcast” on air. There is a desktop player on the website below and a drop-down menu for all of the other ways to “tune in”.

I think I’ve babbled enough. Stay safe. xoxo, Just Jenn ❤️

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