11am Update on Hurricane Norma

3PM EDIT. The NHC is now reporting that Norma is a cat 3 hurricane with max wind speed of 120mph, 195 miles south of Cabo San Lucas traveling 8mph NNW and is more confident but not 100% certain of landfall in our state of Baja California Sur.

Most of the update from the NHC is otherwise the same. END EDIT

EDIT at 1pm from the NHC (this is silly of me to bother as there will be an update in like, an hour) so I may come back and add just the new image to THIS blog post.

“..NORMA STRENGTHENS BACK INTO A MAJOR HURRICANE… Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunter aircraft data indicate that Hurricane Norma has strengthened back into a major hurricane this afternoon. The maximum winds are estimated to be 120 mph (195 km/h) with higher gusts. The initial and forecast intensities will be updated with the next advisory that will be issued at 300 PM MDT” END EDIT

Hurricane Norma is currently located 220 S from Cabo San Lucas, with max sustained winds of 110mph which puts her at a Category 2 (one mile per hour shy of being a Cat 3) hurricane moving NNW at 8 mph. Hurricane-force winds have been observed 35 miles from Norma’s eye and tropical storm-force winds up to 175 miles. Of interest to some, her air pressure is 963mb or 28.44 inches, which is technically cat 3 pressure but not by much. I’m sure everyone by now knows that the ports are closed until further notice.

The NHC is not certain whether or not Hurricane Norma will make landfall, and also unsure if Norma will aproach as a Tropical Storm or a Cat 1 Hurricane but regardless, we are being told to expect heavy rains from 5-10 inches. Conditions will slowly get wetter and windier later this afternoon and overnight.


COPY/PASTE FROM THE NHC https://www.nhc.noaa.gov/refresh/graphics_ep2+shtml/150045.shtml?cone#contents


None. SUMMARY OF WATCHES AND WARNINGS IN EFFECT: A Hurricane Warning is in effect for… * Baja California Sur from Todos Santos to Los Barriles

A Tropical Storm Warning is in effect for… * North of Los Barriles to San Evaristo * North of Todos Santos to Santa Fe

A Tropical Storm Watch is in effect for… * Las Islas Marias * Topolobampo to Bahia Tempehuaya

A Hurricane Warning means that hurricane conditions are expected somewhere within the warning area, in this case within the next 24 to 36 hours. Preparations to protect life and property should be rushed to completion.

A Tropical Storm Warning means that tropical storm conditions are expected somewhere within the warning area within 36 hours. A Tropical Storm Watch means that tropical storm conditions are possible within the watch area, generally within 48 hours.

Interests elsewhere in Baja California Sur and along the west coast of mainland Mexico should monitor the progress of Norma. Additional watches or warnings could be required later today and tonight. For storm information specific to your area, please monitor products issued by your national meteorological service.”

We have been getting some sprinkles on and off this morning from Hurricane Norma’s outer bands but not enough to record. The rollers (large waves) are already coming in and will only get much much larger. We expect to see possibly 19-26 foot swells coming in by tomorrow.

I know it’s in Spanish … but this FB link I am having a difficult time embedding posted yesterday let us know that the military sent in advance of Norma specialists in search and rescue as well as additional boots on the ground in the event Norma becomes a true 911 event. https://www.facebook.com/plugins/post.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2FSistemaalerta%2Fposts%2F786611850142996&show_text=true&width=500

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I think I’ve babbled enough. Stay safe. xoxo, Just Jenn ❤️

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