Weather for the Week of July 6th 2015

Looking very warm and perfect for the beach! Nothing pleases us more than nothing to report!  For those that watch the National Hurricane Center or other sites closely, I’ve included a few images with a brief explanation.


There are a few areas of “interest” but not for Cabo San Lucas.  These potential systems are really far out to sea.  See where the L is?  That is the center of the first area of interest that the National Hurricane Center is monitoring.  Each line represents a computer model and the potential path this system might take.  Each dot along those lines represents 12 hour increments.


Next “interest” not of interest to Cabo San Lucas looks like it may be of concern to Hawaii …


As we get further into the season and should another storm come up that we need to closely monitor, we’ll get into what all those images mean just like we did last year.  Maybe we’ll call future blog posts Hurricane Info 101?  What do you think?  Would love your feedback.

So get on down here and have FUN in the #CaboSun!


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