Hurricane Patricia – Strongest Hurricane on Record!

Hurricane Patricia is the strongest hurricane ever recorded by the National Weather Center. EVER. I will let the images do most of the talking and provide links to sources. The last images are to show what we are expecting in southern Baja … strong winds from 20-30 knots expected and dangerous surf up to 4 meters tomorrow are possible … but today lets focus on mainland Mexico that needs our prayers.

As of now, Patricia is a Cat 5 w/MAX sustained winds of 200mph w/gusts up to 245mph and moving North at 10 mph. Current time it is expected for the eye to make landfall is about 8pm tonight but this could change so PLEASE keep an eye on it by using the 1st link. Next update will be around 1pm cdt. Just because there is an image that shows Patricia may weaken to a 4 does not mean that it will, and regardless of what strength this storm hits land as, it’s bad. No sugar coating.…/graphics_ep5+shtml/145201.shtml………/east…/2015/hurricane-Patricia…

**Special note to please follow the story on the Weather Channel: My new friend Ioanna Dafermou … please keep us posted if I am missing anything.

~ Jennifer


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