10-Day forecast, Pelagic Winner(s) and Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale

When it comes to reporting the weather Nothing to see here other than sunshine is – AWESOME!

Also duly noted that blogging about Karma and What Is REALLY Is and is NOT was a total FAIL. Duly noted. LOL

Serenity… Rise early and take it all in. quote and photo: Mario Bañaga


Checking the long distance forecast models at this time, I don’t even see rain in our future for the next two weeks or so!  I’ll add the 10-day at the bottom.  Lot’s of sunny skies ahead and for me, this is PERFECT because I have lots of spring cleaning to do still. Well really, it is tropical storm/hurricane preparedness cleaning prep work stuff that I procrastinated with and now its getting too warm.  I really hope it’s just me and that all of you, have already gone over the check lists. (Had one to share and it’s missing so that will be another blog/day)


The National Hurricane Center (click on on the link to the left to see) does a great job of informing people what they need to do and when it’s a good time to do it if you live in coastal areas with houses made of sticks. Plus what we buy for food is different because we have to shop based on availability and we can’t exactly just run out and stock up on Ravioli’s in a can. Of course, most in Los Cabos are really laid back and don’t bother with any of that until the last minute – or were, until Odile.  I recently blogged about First Aid Kits.  Have I bothered to assemble mine yet? No. I have a few things … but as I shop I do add to the list.

How does one prepare a home NOT made of sticks? I mean, have you seen the video of what happens to homes made of wood?

YouTube  Video of the Saffir-Simspon scale for hurricane wind damage


First, I want to talk a little about the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale. Feeling lazy I will re-direct you to where I already I blogged about it (click on the blue) here


Our homes and the resorts here are made … I’ve got a great analogy. The three little pigs except I do not like that the story might call the 1st two pigs lazy … One pig built a house of straw while the second pig built his house with sticks. Many people all over the world build their homes with the material that is available.

HERE … our homes are not made of bricks like the 3rd little pig, but of concrete block walls reinforced with lots of rebar. Same concept. Our homes for the most part are “sound”, as are the resorts. I think the rating system is not appropriate for us. We do have to worry about our roofs, windows, etc., and rain! The big bad wolf is not knocking down MY house!

One more thing … I truly hope all of the locals that are being responsible and stocking up for themselves for the season, buy extra for their domestic help and friends that may need it too. Especially the fur-babies (pets) out there.

So how “do” we prepare our homes?  We will get into that in the next blog post.

june 10 2016 10 day

Before I wrap today up, I finally have a bit on the Pelagic tournament and a few winners! There were so many but these are a few being put on on Facebook #‎PELAGICWORLDWIDE‬ ‪#‎CaboSummerSlam‬

Congrats to Team TEJAS on their performance in the 2016 Cabo Summer Slam presented by PELAGIC!

By securing 1st Place in our Tuna and Wahoo Divisioms, plus winning multiple daily jackpots, these guys are taking home a $25,000+ check!

Much more to come from this fun event… Stay tuned!

photo: Mario Bañaga


Congrats to Team HOT ROD on securing 1st Place Overall – Billfish Release Division in the 2016 Cabo Summer Slam presented by PELAGIC! These guys topped the tournament field by releasing 20 striped marlin during the two-day tournament!

They also took home some great prizes including a $10,935 check, a full day charter from Picante Sportfishing aboard their brand new 33′ Magnum by Mag Bay Yachts, a custom PELAGIC Gaff from  Seeker Fishing Rods, and trophy from Gray Taxidermy!

Angler John Peelman [Fresno, CA] was awarded Top Overall Angler as he released 11 of the team’s 20 striped marlin releases.

photos: Mario Bañaga


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