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wunderground blog? 

I am not confident on how many will follow me to wunderground or what is the best home for my “brand” of weather reporting but since we’ve got the new “personal” weather station, I thought for giggles, I’d start blogging there too. See below for my first entry over at wunderground, or if you are ever so kind, the link above and maybe a comment?


I could be wrong, but I think, below might be the only evidence of my first written weather report, as it was dated 2012. It was on Trip Advisor back when the Cabo San Lucas forums were almost as much fun as being on vacation, and a woman had an opening post titled “Hurricane October 16th?” which was dated on the 3rd of October. She told us her nephew was a meteorologist and you can imagine how that went because if it wasn’t on the NHC, she had to be pulling legs. As typical TA Cabo forum fashion it was turned into a drinking thread (because that’s how the regulars rolled before TA got strict) with promises of drinks at a local restaurant if the prediction came true for the OP (well, her nephew).

Now normally, I just gave updates on our internet radio station but … I was intrigued. Turns out, talking about the weather is a lot more fun when one has interaction.

Oct 14, 2012, 9:31 AM
As of 7:30-ish Sunday morning (read: by 8 am it could all change LOL)
Tropical Storm Paul is roughly 665 miles SSW of Cabo San Lucas. It’s pretty darn far away. We are experiencing some cloudiness and inside my house right now, its 86f and 95% humidity. Outside its much nicer!!
We are expecting just over 1.5 inches of rain Monday night alone, which should be the worst of it (rain wise) but we are already water logged so … its possible it might get interesting down by Squid Roe for a few hours.
It is supposed to get windy. Ladies, no need for hair spray 🙂 It should start to get breezy Monday and by Tuesday leave your hats home. Wed. things should start to return to normal.
Rain and storms can be an adventure and make for a great story to tell as long as you take caution.
Who would most be effected? Fisherman, divers and golfers.
If you are on a romantic vacation, indoor picnics during a storm aren’t bad … 😉
Also, its still possible we won’t see a drop because we aren’t in its direct path as it seems to prefer NORTH of Cabo.
I need coffee. Update later.

I followed up with this Oct 15th:
I can tell you with more than 60% certainty there will be another storm forming just north of Panama … well if its going to start taking shape as of now it looks like the 22nd? Couldn’t tell you if it develops whether or not it’ll stay way down south or come up the line though.
I think I read the OP state that a relative is a meteorologist.
Anyways, Paul is being a ________ and turned himself into a Cat3 which means its going to get a little windier than originally anticipated.
By midnight, wind gusts (not sustained) could increase to 15 to 20 knots (30 mph) and by morning don’t even bother with an umbrella. It will continue to rain off and on and as of now, looks like the worst of it will come at breakfast time. Worst of it for us, not worst of it for North of us like Cabomar mentioned.
We are NOT expecting a direct hit. Just a side swipe.
I personally blame this on TacCabo because he made us all sad with his announcement that he’s leaving Cabo. In fact, I suggest everyone go to Desperadoes and order Hurricanes, Coconut Shrimp and Nachos while riding out the rain. If its not safe to venture to manana, then try Wed. or Thursday.
Regardless, make the most of the day and just go with it … better to rain in Cabo than at home any day! Update later. 🙂

Followed by this Oct 16th
Hurricane Paul is a Cat 2 and about 70 mi…110 km S of Cabo San Lazaro Mexico (so its north of us)
We are getting rains and winds on and off.

There really wasn’t much to say after that. The OP called a storm and we got one. Thankfully not a direct hit.

In 2013 I started doing written weather reports on Facebook. My first was Tropical Storm Alvin and it wasn’t very wordy but then, what was there to say?

“Nothing to see here – just the Pacific Ocean deciding to produce a storm a month early – again. All is well here in Cabo! Water temps locally not warm enough for foul weather! Come on down and play!” as the caption to a wunderground forecast map. I found I preferred wunderground graphics above the NHC as I appreciated the color coding in what I refer to as the cone of concern.

Re-reading all of that, reminds me that there really is no such thing as just a side swipe from a storm. A side swipe can cause a lot of damage. I also noticed a trend. Many people reference sites that are filled with embedded links to other sites, with no real insight on what a person that has never paid attention to a hurricane forecast – is looking at. Very common to see someone exclaim that we are in the clear of bad weather because a hurricanes forecast (what I call the cone of concern) shows we aren’t inside the lines. Wrong. So so so wrong.

That brings me to the present. My primary focus since before hurricane Odile did a number on us, was to help people to understand what they were looking at, to learn as I learned and see that they still need to prepare and also, to never mock the storm. If the NHC wants to say a storm is meandering, fine. Don’t egg it on.

I no longer report on the weather with as much humor as I used to. Yes, my wording is very amateurish but I found people (not all) responded well to it. I am a little more excited about this year as I will finally be able to incorporate data from my own personal weather station. Well, as soon as it actually starts uploading data – user error I am sure of it.

I live and work in a tourist town. At this time, the local authorities do not tell us anything in English.
That is why, I do what I do.

If you’ve read this to the end, thank you. I’ve been spending all of my time on Facebook and a little on WordPress because of the ease of inserting images which I cannot figure out how to do here … I am hoping this is a good fit for me, and those that love this site as much as I do.



  1. I installed an Accurite sensor with Internet , just prior to odile…
    Of corse CFE cut power so no info being transmitted…
    When I returned to survey damage, found the unit in place, just the wind ‘cups’ gone…
    Sent the unit back to Accurite and asked to check last velocity recorded prior to forced
    Removal…clocked at 99 mph… A strong possibility of a tornado affecting the terrazzo since
    A large custom built bench/storage container with all contents simply disappeared…without a trace of even wood fragments…someone’s got some nice cushions an umbrella lounge chairs and table…..

    1. And I am unable to connect to wundergound’s network. I think it is because I am too close to another station and theirs gets more or less wind and rain because of elevation and other structures – microclimates.

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