Friday’s Forecast, and some babbling about traffic control

Does anyone remember when Marina Blvd was a TWO way street?  How about when we didn’t have to drive past Squid Roe on Lazaro Cardenas and hang a left at the light on Morelos (which used to be the down street) drive two blocks and make another left on to 16 de Septiembre, then make one more left on Ignacio Zaragoza before making a right back onto Lazaro Cardenas if you were downtown by the marina and wanted to like, go to Arumboro’s or a friends house in Pedregal? Or heck, ya live out off the Sunset Beach road? Who remembers not knowing names of streets because we didn’t have signs anyways?

Okay, seriously, someone that knows something about city planning explain it to me. After all of these years I still do not get it. I am not trying to insult whoever thought these things up, I truly would like to know.  Or this … the new pedestrian super large speed bumps (topes) which do make sense because hitting pedestrians is bad, but are they really permanently blocking us from making that left turn by Rockstone – even during a storm? The tiniest bit of rain and Squid Roe/Morelos is a raging river.

Case in point from 2012 … the pic below – is my concern.  I sure hope the new raised pedestrian tope/walkway is somehow dual purpose – safer for foot traffic while rain or shine, and maybe there is some water diversion strategy?  Let us cross our fingers that the white poles in the new walkways get pulled out during storms so we can safely get where we need to be.


Well it’s a good thing we have very hot, sunny days ahead!  We are looking at a week of 90+ degrees with winds varying from 10-20 mph (5-10 at our studio because our weather station needs to be elevated another 15 feet). We will of course see some clouds but all in all, for hurricane season we are looking good!

So …. Dr. Masters blog has declared Invest 95L on the Atlantic side a dud … but it’s not. It still has a lot of moisture off the Bay of Cameche, as it continues to fizzle out coming inland the area should expect heavy rains. Then 95L’s remaining clouds will meet other clouds and make new clouds which will eventually end up in the Pacific where we might see some rain.  Or not. It changes every five minutes which is the beauty of not having a title. I get to be wrong. Oh, and I’m totally sober. Just to clear that up. It’s Friday and I’m bored 😃 Yeah, I know it’s considered a sin to be bored in Cabo but … J-O-B.


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