Friday’s 10-Day, Heat Wave & Tropical Disturbances

I want everyone to take a few minutes and read this blog about staying hydrated by Baja Insider – Keeping Hydrated as the life you save could be your own, you family and your beloved furkids. This is VERY serious.

So many people use wunderground and many of us are baffled at their weather outlooks because it seems every other day there is a glitch or data entry errors that are corrected sometimes, after some have already cancelled their beach plans for the day.  It’s becoming very frustrating. One thing we do know, is that clouds can seemingly appear out of nowhere. We live in a sub-tropical climate. It’s hot, it’s humid, there is an ocean filled with water … it makes sense especially during a heat wave that clouds will literally come from – out of the blue.

It’s also July. Every storm watcher is going to wonder and worry that each cluster will become a hurricane.  We know as locals that the water is too cool, and the winds are in our favor anyways so anything that does form “should” and likely will head west – opposite of land.

Just this morning I was talking to a friend about an area we really shouldn’t be worrying about – but it is not in our nature to ignore what could be.  (See above image – edited to comment that Area #1 has now been upgraded to 40% chance of becoming a tropical cyclone in the next 48 hours)

The only thing we can do, is make sure we’ve done our spring cleaning, inside and out, double checked that our important documents are accounted for and sealed up in a water proof container, that we’ve done our non-perishable shopping to last at least a week (two weeks is better and do not touch it unless there is an emergency until after Hurricane Season is over!), and go about our business. We’ve got a FB hurricane group filled with advice on preparing ahead of time so should we get a storm, we really only have to worry about filling up our gas tanks, topping off our propane tanks, oh I could go on and on but it’s all common sense stuff and go about our lives and enjoy. Unless you didn’t plan and prepare for the season in advance. In which case … get on it.

At this time, there is NOTHING coming to Los Cabos/Baja California Sur. Nothing. It’s too early in the season. Still. Never say never.

The above image shows where Invest 94e is. It also shows a big blob to the right (east) of it. It’s in the birthing zone but still – it doesn’t concern us “here”.  Should that change, I’ll throw up the bat signal.

In the meantime, keep up to date by bookmarking The National Hurricane Center and familiarize yourself with all the tabs and pages. When in doubt – stick with the professionals. I’m just an armchair weather girl.


Update on Area #2 HERE

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