Sunday Night … TS Frank, Major Hurricane Georgette … 

Thankfully, Georgette is not threat to land. She may be itty bitty but she is packing a punch!
But first, Frank.  After all. He was born first and is closest to Cabo. He isn’t coming here … but he is assisting those clouds on mainland to cross over towards Baja so we will most likely see some rain this week.  Yesterday our weather station reported 0.32 inches of rain in less than an hour. I’m sure you’ve all seen the images and video floating around Facebook. A cloud sneezes and the town comes to a stop as the streets downtown flood as the water heads “downhill” towards the marina. 

So … Georgette. I know, right? A cat 4? Thankfully she’s heading west 😊

It’s bed time. And there is no threat to land so … see you all in the morning!


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