No Tropical Storms in our near future 

Updating yesterday’s blog.  Personally, I am loving the rain.  In the middle of the night, we had lightning and thunder.  Loving my hurricane Windows even more because I really couldn’t hear the rain until my husband opened a window; it really helped mute the thunder too!  So it’s kinda weird. My personal weather station recorded an inch, the one up the street at a higher elevation had less than 1/2 reported (by the marina) and over in say, Cabo Bello they didn’t get any.  I know it’s rained since I left to go,to my day job but this is a pic of my console from earlier 

I’m curious what is will say by tonight! I more than sprinkled mid-morning.  

Yes, there is a new invest. No it’s not coming here. That’s all I’ve got.  Need to shop for new surge protectors. The middle of the night power outage (no clue how long it lasted) created a surge and electronics were sacrificed 😞 Reminder – buy the best you can afford, do not overload it, and replace them about once a year. End update – 2:30’ish Thursday 
All possible systems forming are supposed to stay below us. South of us. 😊

Will we see some rain? Of course, but we don’t consider those “storms”. Any rain in our near future is from the clouds forming on mainland Mexico and a few will more than likely make it over to us in Cabo which usually means it will rain in the mountains leaving us downtown with humidity without the reward. Rain for for us is a blessing. Okay well not for me I’m still working on upgrades since Odile but my garden loves it! The streets, not so much. I’ll show you why in a pic towards the end … 

See Frank? He’s getting smaller by the minute. 

See his path? Not coming here. 

“But Jenn, what about that other area the NHC is monitoring?” Let’s look at 5 days from now below. I don’t see high winds. 😊

A new trend for some is windyty. 5 -days from now maaaaaaybe a little circular action well south of and headed out to sea. 

Let’s look further into windyty’s crystal ball. Yep. Another are of circular action but well below us. 

Long term forecasts are wrong more than 90% of the time (I just made that number up but it’s probably true 😃) seriously, we e got nothing coming here! 

Looking at the possible 10-day weather outlook, yeah … there is that rain I spoke of above. At this time they are basically forecasting sprinkles. 

Wanna see a pic of what happens downtown with about 0.32 inches in less than an hour?

Water flows downhill and makes its way to the marina and out to sea. The boat launch is off to the left (not shown). After a bit, the water is gone and we are quickly back to the previously programmed schedule of hot, humid and sunny ☀️ Ya might want to swim in your resorts pool though, instead of the ocean. Trust me. Large swells and dirty street water … still not a vacation deal breaker. You are in Cabo! 

My suggestion, is if it rains while you are here, find a seat in a restaurant, order something to eat and drink and enjoy the rain until it stops. Or, quickly hail a taxi and go back to your room for some nap time 😉🙈 a little rain won’t ruin your day unless you are on the golf  course ⛳️  in which case plan B and C (eating or sleeping for an hour 😉😉😉) 

Don’t forget our deal. If I start to worry about a tropical disturbance, I’ll put up the batman signal! 

Tis all for now. Have a fab Wednesday! ~Jenn 

Disclaimer: if a butterfly flaps it’s beautiful wings, and things change, it’s the butterflies fault! 🦄

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