I know I’ve been slacking! Monday Aug 1st 10-Day and Howard. 

Thanks Howard. I now have that dumb song stuck in my head. I’m embarrassed to admit to having watched Howard the Duck more than once years ago. 😳 With nothing coming to us, and a tummy bug … and people coming tomorrow. I’ve been slacking. My bad. 

Let’s take a quick look.  Note, storms are still all heading out to sea AWAY from us here in Cabo. 

My my my … Howard, you look so, BIG. Compared to Invest 92e. Get your minds out of the gutter. Howard is supposed to remain a tropical storm until he weakens by Thursday but being close to the honey spot (where several of July’s storms doubled in strength without warning) there is a chance regardless of what the NHC says, he might hit the gym and blow some strong, hot, air – first. We’ll all find out together. You can see, any rains we might get are coming off of mainland.  Since the Sea of Cortez is so warm and cozy right now, the clouds usually end up producing a lot of rain which the mountains behind is desperately need as that is where Los Cabos gets its water supply.


Computer models show this system heading away from land. 

Aaaaaand the always incorrect 10-Day forecast.  It is incorrect because we have so many micro-climates. Each weather station, and there are many, all have somewhat different readings and forecasts. As you all know, I have a personal weather station but wunderground isn’t accepting it because it reads so much different than the one closest to me. Grrrrr I can’t help it if it’s 300 or more feet higher in elevation that mine. 

I really, want to go back to bed now. 😷 ~Jenn 

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